Integrated Marketing Vs. 360 Degree Marketing
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Integrated Marketing Communications Vs. 360 Degree Marketing

Marketing Models are not something that should be rigid. If we rewind the clock back a decade ago, there exist the marketing models that were rigid and worked at that time. Specifically considering the 360-degree marketing model that was a part of internet marketing, digital marketing, and field marketing. It covered every aspect of marketing. It was popular because it gave good results to the marketers, but it wasn’t cost-friendly at all. It took a hefty amount of cash to market the products and services across all platforms.

The 360-degree marketing model got popular and came down at the same speed. The newer platforms were introduced and the buyer habits were changed. This demanded a newer marketing model. The more buyer-centric model was needed. It was the time for evolution to take over. It did too and we got Integrated Marketing Communications.

Multi-National Corporations who are the big players of the game, opt 360-degree marketing plus the integrated marketing communications. It is because they can afford the both and opting only 360-degree marketing is not enough for good results. They need integrated marketing communications.

Mid-size companies and small sized companies are going after Integrated Marketing Communications as it is budget friendly and result oriented. They don’t want to spend extra cash on 360-degree marketing.

Let’s compare Integrated Marketing Communications and 360 Degree Marketing Solutions Point Wise.


All the Marketing Automation Platforms that offer marketing automation for all the platforms, which is a 360-degree marketing model, but the message/content approach it follows is personal communication based on the database, which is an integrated marketing communication. So, you can say it has the best of the both the worlds. And, not one, but all the Marketing Automation Platforms are based on integrated marketing communications. They avoid using the ‘Common Message to the Mass’.

We can say that the methodologies worked better in 360-degree marketing are
1. Working on all platforms
2. Content is given the priority

These two methodologies are covered in integrated marketing communications along with…

1. Personalization of the Message
2. Priority is the platform where the target audience is present.

Now, these two were missing in the 360 Degree Marketing that’s why the need of the integrated marketing communications was generated.

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