Inbound Marketing Strategies & How Sales Cycle is Affected


    It’s been 10 years since inbound marketing was introduced. It came as a remarkable marketing strategy in 2006. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting new potential buyers, customers by writing content relevant to their position in the sales cycle. Ever since it was introduced, outbound marketing lost its grip in the market.

    Inbound marketing begins with understanding the changes in the customer life cycle, sales cycle and position of the prospect in the sales cycle. As consumers are preferring to perform detailed research before buying online, they rely on and demand informational content. Sales representatives come into play at the later stage of the buying process.

    Change in Content Marketing

    The information medium and flow have also changed. In the past, people used to read reviews, product descriptions, features, manuals, etc. But nowadays, they are focused on video content because the content supply is enormous. They have your content, your competitor’s content, tech blogs, review websites and God knows how many others who want to target the product related keywords.

    Social Media’s Part is Getting Major and Major

    As inbound marketing is based on personal and customized approach, social media marketing plays a major role in achieving that as one gets connected with the audience directly. It is now clear that is you are not marketing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you are probably fighting the battle with your one hand tied at the back.

    Here are the new era changes introduced in the Marketing field

    1. Video Over Written Content: This is the reason the one-minute vines are getting popular and Facebook’s Video option is the new YouTube. Making a Video is mandatory nowadays to have a strong hold on the market.

    2. Get Over B2B, Welcome H2H: This is the spine for inbound marketing methodologies. H2H is Human-to-Human marketing is done where you can personally contact your buyer/customer individually. Social Media channels, SMS, email marketing is the place to do so.

    3. Make Full Use of Text Content you Have: Even if the video marketing is getting popular, you can still leverage the content you have. That you can do by investing in paid marketing on some of the best running channels. Then your content marketing’s power will be unleashed.

    4. Automate: The bonus point here ti automate those tasks that take your time. Tasks such as reporting, connecting, tracking, updating others should be left to automate mode via various marketing automation software such as Marketo Marketing Automation, Pardot Marketing Automation, HubSpot, Ac-On, and InfusionSoft.

    5. Product Trials: If a user/buyer can really use the product for a limited time, even with limited features, he can get an idea of what is paying for and you can get a genuine review of your product. Trial Giveaways are in trend and not going away anytime soon.

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