Hubspot Integration with Eventbrite, GoToWebinar & Wistia

HubSpot performs pretty well like any other Marketing Automation System, and integrating other applications, software with it is like giving it protein shake to pump up the muscles. Here are three apps you can integrate with HubSpot to smooth your marketing workflow.

1. Eventbrite
Event Marketing is as integral as other marketing assets such as content marketing, email marketing, Webinar, etc. All these assets are to connect with your target audience and in order to do so, they follow an inbound methodology. Event gathering is one of the traditional ways to connect with the audience face to face, gather information about them and create a quality database.

In Eventbrite, the registrations created in the event are automatically converted into contacts in HubSpot. You can segment the contact list based on the contacts generated or as per the events happened.

2. GoToWebinar
Focus on the other important tasks related to your Webinar schedule and let GoToWebinar handle other time-consuming tasks. With GoToWebinar you can

Create attractive landing pages and register via HubSpot those who are attending the Webinar
Send Reminder messages/emails, follow up messages/emails, and nurture attendees
Import and export CSV file of Webinar leads only once.

3. Wistia
We all know that Videos are the best ways to deliver the message in detail and in the shortest amount of time. If used correctly, then video marketing is a very powerful tool for marketers. That’s why HubSpot gave its users a tool to better control and review their video metrics. See who has watched your video, is the video hitting the targeted audience or not? All these questions matter while doing video marketing.

Use the data generated in the video report statistics to create smart lists, score leads, and workflows. Pitch your best in the video. Leverage the audiovisual format the videos offer.

These integrations can add the boost you need in your marketing strategies in HubSpot Marketing Automation System. RichestSoft certified HubSpot Experts can provide you HubSpot Consultation about how to integrate Eventbrite, GoToWebinar & Wistia with HubSpot and what are the best settings of these apps/software.

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