How to Overcome Challenges Faced by the App Developers

Though app development is a field with immense scope, it is also an area with several challenges. Just as a coin has another side and night follows every day, there is a flip side to everything. Mobile apps have been around for almost a decade now, which means technology lovers are highly acquainted with what they are presented with in terms of digital solutions. In order to remain updated, informed and strongly connected at any given place and time, users need smart mobile apps that deliver solutions with minimal interactions.

Mobile apps have been around for almost a decade now, which means technology lovers are highly acquainted with what they are presented with in terms of digital solutions. In order to remain updated, informed and strongly connected at any given place and time, users need smart mobile apps that deliver solutions with minimal interactions. The best mobile app development companies in  India are creating best apps these to grow your business more and efficiently.

While futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT have transformed the conventional face of mobile apps, users are expecting to have even smarter and more evolved mobile applications, tossing more intense challenges down the path of mobile app developers.

With best mobile app development company meeting the ever advancing challenges, it would be an understatement to say that the requirement for efficient and sustainable apps in the industry is increasing at a very fast pace. This throws mounting pressure on App developers. Here we look at some of the challenges faced by App developers and how to overcome them.

1. Innovative elements that beat the competition

It is the crucial stage for mobile app consultation when you have to  take a  strong decision of winning the target audience and overpowering the competition.Finding the correct field of interest and ensuring your app will be successful enough to beat the competition is a work of diligence.

In the industry that is known for changing trends and giving rich user experience, developers must have superior talent to outperform the similar products in the App stores.The challenge is to overcome the pressure of developing the most original, aesthetic and innovative application, the one that people can notice and embrace for a lifetime.

2. Creating Apps that People Want

With so many options and opportunities, app developers are always on the lookout to create apps that people need. After all, you don’t want to create an app that nobody wants, right?Research is the solution for this. Conduct a market survey and you will know when there is a gap in the market that you can fulfill. Apart from creating an app that people need badly, you have to make it look physically great with outstanding features and graphics. After all, it is the physical beauty that attracts a person first. Try to find out  answers for various question like why we need app, will your app filled the market gap, is this app already exist?

3.  Single app for Multiple Platform

From Android to iOS and Windows, all devices come with various screen sizes and resolutions, each offering unique environment and ecosystem for developers to work with. For developers, the challenge is to create apps that perform exquisitely across all device screens.

Each time they build an app, it becomes important to meet the unique requirements of target devices while optimizing the app for different screen sizes.

4. Keeping the Mobile App Clean and Relatable

As there are many applications in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is essential for Here the challenge is to make sure the application should be self-explanatory. In case the app does have certain unknown elements, they need to include quick guide so that end users can get on with your app and jump right in without much time.Apart from this, it is also advisable to maintain the relevance of the app for the target audience, considering the fact that users want to explore the features that they find highly relatable.

5. Performance

Device battery life is something that has to be considered with utmost sincerity as users don’t want to experience the instances of overheating or overmuch power consumption while they use your app. People who still use previous versions of device OS are often subject to battery life issues.

Developers therefore test battery performance for their app by releasing a Beta version and check whether the app drains the device battery too quickly.

Based on the feedback, developers run a second check and tweak the features to ensure the app retains battery performance. The challenge here is to design a bug-free, high-performance app that doesn’t devour excessive power.

6. Lack of skills

With the increased demand for a skilled technical hand in the field there is definitely a lack of experienced hands who can rise up to meet the challenges of app development in a shifting, volatile market.The entire process is expensive and time-consuming and not all companies can afford the time as well as the economic burden.

Even to make necessary updates on the app to keep them more robust and functional, it requires experienced, skilled technical hand, which can be an added burden on the company, both cost and time wise. This time increases more when you have to build different apps for different platforms. There might be businesses that need apps for multi devices like phones, laptops, iPads, desktops, etc. The app needs to be functional over the different OS. The company would also need to choose between native, web or hybrid apps.

7. The market is fragmented

It is not easy to get across to all the people marked as your target segment because there is no single unit of audience. Your market is filled with people with varying interests and requirements, so how do you get to the maximum number of people? How do you make an entry first? It is not possible to know exactly about your audience. Thus,  making a mobile app  involves a lot of things  that you are putting, such as time, effort and money.No two ways about it.So when you do business planning, here are certain things that you must be prepared with:

1.  A Solid business plan
2. Cost breakdown
3. Profit and loss statements
4. Market analysis
5. Competitive analysis

8. Variation in Screen Size

While designing an app, it is not possible to design for the latest platform because mobile devices have limitations based on screen sizes, embedded technologies, pixel intensities, OS requirements, and so on. And then again, it is not just about the devices alone, the developers have to realize that Andorid, Windows and iOS have their own UI objects as well. To overcome this make the website responsive. This would make the screens more liquid and suited to various formats and screen sizes. In order to prevent any kind of display issues, you can conduct a beta testing of the app.

9. Interactive User Interface

Not every app downloaded by users stay permanently on their mobile screen. This is why professional mobile app developers must gravitate towards the concept of making the user interface more appealing. A mobile app with attractive and expressive UI makes for  most used apps.

Mobile devices have built-in sensors integrating which developers can make the apps more lively and interactive. However, this again swoops down as a challenge on developers’ shoulder as it consumes a lot of time making such features work.

10. Mobile App Development Costs

Normally, mobile application development technology comes with a heavy price tag. This is true with traditional and modern mobile application development companies. However, with HokuApps, our mobile app developers have at their fingertips the most advanced mobile app development platform to help create apps at 10X speed and of exceptional quality. The speed of the mobile app development process ensures that the app is ready in days or months, which reflects directly on the costs of mobile app development.

11. Mobile Marketing App and Promotion

Mobile app marketing is the key to growing awareness and visibility for mobile apps in the app stores and eventually impacts the app success. Developers need to opt for extensive marketing and promotion strategy to obtain a massive response from the target users.

However, for developers to jump into the role of marketer is a great challenge since they need to learn all the principles of SEO and ASO and online affiliate activities.

One easiest way to diminish the challenge is to approach a successful creative marketing and ad agency who can help app development companies aggressively market their new apps and earn thick volume of traffic.


There is no shred of doubt  in it that choosing a reputed company for the mobile app development is a tough task as there are many other firms also competing each other. The design  and features of  your website make you different in the crowd. Therefore, your website should be more attractive if you want to attract more online customers.While overcoming the challenges, app developers have to remember that app stores have limiting factors on how they present their applications to end users. If you want the best results without any complication consult top mobile app development to get the best services from.


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