How to Hire Blockchain Developers? – The Complete Guide


    Due to the quick hike in blockchain development, the requirement for blockchain developers becomes a matter of hotcake. Since 2015, the quantity of blockchain jobs has spiked as much as 631%, showing a massive capacity and opportunity in this field. Increased international interest in blockchain technology has caused more job opportunities.

    However, the quantity of blockchain developers available to fill these job positions remains relatively low — and hiring managers need to keep in mind the blockchain developers they would love to work with.

    The talent gap coupled with the growing demand for blockchain developers makes it understandable why many organizations face challenging situations in locating blockchain developers. This blog will talk about a way to hire blockchain builders and the applicable competencies applicants should have.

    Why Hire a Blockchain Developer?

    Advantages of hiring a blockchain developer

    Before diving into a way to discover blockchain app developers, it is vital to understand the advantages of a blockchain developer to a modern organization.

    A blockchain app developer is a key participant in growing and executing blockchain technology. They are answerable for growing and handling decentralized applications (DApps) and growing new blockchain platforms. They want to have robust expertise in cryptography, computer science, and mathematics.

    Some of the advantages of hiring a blockchain developer include:

    • Reduced fraudulent activities: Since blockchain is a dispensed database this is immutable, and it may lessen fraudulent activities inside an organization.
    • Enhanced information protection: Blockchain presents an excessive stage of protection via way of means of encrypting information through the use of cryptography. This makes it tough for hackers to penetrate the machine and access sensitive information.
    • Streamlined methods: Implementing blockchain technology can streamline commercial enterprise methods and enhance efficiency.
    • Reduces expenses: Eliminating the want for third-celebration intermediaries can lessen the agency’s expenses considerably.

    What to Look For in a Blockchain Engineer

    thing to keep in mind while looking for a Blockchain engineer

    Now you can apprehend why hiring a blockchain developer is sort of vital in this sort of tech-forward age, here is a look at the skills your best candidate ought to have.

    Basic Programming Ability

    When you hire blockchain engineers, make certain they have the fundamental programming ability, because it might be a basis for them to study more about the technology. They do not want to be experts, however, they must apprehend the syntax and a way to write code.

    Blockchain systems like Ethereum and Bitcoin are continuously evolving, so it is essential for blockchain developers to live updated with modern changes. They must be acquainted with famous blockchain systems and apprehend a way to expand on them.

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    Encryption and Security Knowledge

    Cryptography is an important part of blockchain technology. A blockchain app developer ought to have a robust knowledge of cryptography to create secure applications and systems.

    They ought to be acquainted with encryption and safety protocols which include Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Additionally, they must know a recognized way to put into effect safety components like information encryption and multi-element authentication (MFA).

    Blockchain is a distributed database that runs on the internet. Therefore, blockchain builders require to have an understanding and knowledge of networking ideas which include peer-to-peer networks, shifting packets over the internet, routing, and so forth. A robust grasp of cryptography and safety protocols and a knowledge of networking ideas are important competencies for a blockchain developer.

    Data Structures

    Blockchain engineers also might recognize information systems, which include trees, graphs, and hash tables. This is due to the fact some of the algorithms utilized in blockchain are information-intensive.

    A blockchain engineer ought to recognize these data structures:

    Linked List

    A linked list is an information structure that permits nodes to be related together. The node at the start of the listing is referred to as the head, at the same time as the ultimate node is referred to as the tail.

    The benefit of a related listing is that it’s far effortlessly implemented, which makes it best for small information sets. It also can be traversed in any direction, making it best for sorting and looking at algorithms.

    Singly Linked List

    A singly linked list is a unique kind of related listing wherein every node handiest has one reference with the subsequent node. This kind of listing is used when space efficiency is more essential than traversing the listing in both directions.

    Hash Table

    A hash table is a data structure that makes use of a hash feature and offers an efficient manner to discover and access data information. It is beneficial when you want random access or rapid retrieval of information.

    Acyclic Graph

    An acyclic graph is likewise referred to as bipartite. It is a graph that incorporates no cycles and may be used to model many real-global problems.

    Blockchain engineers must apprehend these information systems as they may be used in lots of algorithms associated with blockchain.

    In addition to information systems, blockchain builders must additionally be acquainted with large information ideas which include MapReduce and Hadoop. Understanding large information ideas will assist them to process massive quantities of information fast and efficiently.

    Blockchain Fundamentals

    fundamentals of blockchain

    The blockchain developer you hire must be an expert in the following blockchain fundamentals.

    Distributed Ledgers

    These are digital ledgers dispensed throughout a community of computers. All contributors in the network have access to the ledger and may view or edit it.

    Consensus Mechanisms

    A consensus mechanism is a procedure that permits all contributors in a community to agree at the stage of the ledger. There are many distinct sorts of consensus mechanisms, however, the most famous ones are proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS).

    Smart Contracts

    A smart agreement is a chunk of code that runs on the blockchain. It can automate transactions and agreements among parties. Smart contracts assist you to convert to cash, property, shares, or anything of value in an obvious manner that cannot be edited or modified.


    dApps are one of the most crucial elements of blockchain technology. A blockchain application(dApp) is a utility that runs on a decentralized community. It exists withinside the Ethereum blockchain community and is achieved via way of means of nodes at the blockchain.

    Blockchain builders should be informed about present dApps going for walks on famous blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on. They should also recognize the way to write their personal clever contracts, the usage of Solidity or Truffle.


    In a blockchain, immutability refers to something that can not be modified or edited. Once information is saved on the blockchain, it’s miles everlasting and can not be tampered with.

    This is one of the key benefits of blockchain technology and is something that each one of the blockchain developers needs to understand. If a person desires to add any new records, brand new occasion paperwork withinside the chain, however, the preceding records are neither eliminated nor modified.

    Permissioned vs. Public Blockchains

    The distinction between public and permissioned blockchains is that public blockchains are permissionless. This indicates that everybody can be a part of the community and become a node, whilst permissioned blockchains have confined access.

    A public blockchain has no central authority or is dependent on the entity controlling it. Anyone can read or write transactions, making them open to manipulation via way of means of third parties. However, it’s miles tough to tamper with due to the fact all information is transparent and decentralized throughout all nodes.

    A permissioned blockchain, on the other hand, has a governing frame that controls who can be a part of the community and who can write transactions. This makes it extra stable than a public blockchain however much less decentralized.


    In a blockchain, sharding is the procedure of dividing the community into smaller shards. This enables the enhancement of the overall performance and scalability of the community by splitting it into smaller parts.

    Every shard has its personal copy of the blockchain, and all nodes in a shard are connected. Transactions are processed via means of a subset of nodes in a shard after which broadcast to all nodes within the shard.

    This enables enhancing the community’s overall performance via means of permitting it to deal with extra transactions at a time.


    The blockchain engineer you want to hire must additionally be acquainted with tokens and their position in blockchain generation.

    A token additionally referred to as a virtual asset, is a chunk of code that is saved at the blockchain and may be used to symbolize any unit of value, consisting of cash or property.

    All tokens are created on the pinnacle of a present blockchain like Ethereum. Tokens may be issued via way of means of everybody and may keep any kind of value.

    A public blockchain like Ethereum commonly has two types of tokens:

    • Fuel: These are used to pay mining charges and may be transferred from one account to another.
    • Coins: These constitute possession of a virtual asset or project. The transactions on blockchains contain shifting those cash from one address to another.

    Blockchain Development Tools

    Tools of blockchain development

    A blockchain app developer needs to be acquainted with the subsequent development tools:

    • Blockchain Explorer: This device is used to view transactions, add new blocks to the blockchain, take a look at pending transactions in a wallet address, and take a look at block details.
    • Caliper: This device measures the overall performance of blockchain nodes. It can determine the rate at which new blocks are added. It additionally enables taking a look at node synchronization, port connection status, and more.
    • Composer: It is a device used to create and manage blockchain applications. It consists of functions like Smart Contract development, unit testing, and package deal management.
    • Etherscan: This internet site lets you view the blockchain, look for transactions, and examine address balances.
    • Geth: This device can run complete nodes on the Ethereum network. It serves as a repository of blockchain information and may provoke new transactions, the use of clever contracts or ship ether from one account to another.
    • MetaMask: This browser extension lets you run Ethereum applications withinside the browser. It acts as a digital wallet and permits you to store and send ether and tokens.
    • Mist: Mist is a desktop Ethereum pocket that permits you to store, send, and get hold of ether. It additionally consists of an integrated browser that lets you browse and install decentralized applications.
    • Remix IDE: It is a development environment that may be used for writing, testing, and deploying clever contracts.
    • Solidity: This programming language is used to put in writing clever contracts on the Ethereum network.
    • Solo: Solo is a command-line device that lets you run Ethereum nodes.
    • Testnets: Testnets help you to take a look at your blockchain application without the use of actual ether or tokens.
    • Truffle: Truffle is a development framework for Ethereum that consists of functions like agreement compilation, testing, and deployment.
    • Ganache: Ganache is a non-public blockchain for Ethereum. It is used to create and manipulate test accounts, install smart contracts, run automatic tests, and more.
    • Drizzle: Drizzle is a Python library for constructing Ethereum applications.

    Where to Find Blockchain Programmers

    Once you realize what form of blockchain app developer you desire to hire, it will become less complicated to discover the proper person for the job. LinkedIn may be an amazing beginning area to discover the proper candidate — however, you should not depend totally on the platform to discover blockchain builders. There are many other platforms with similarly worthy skills.

    Here are a number of the quality locations to discover blockchain builders.

    Blockchain Job Boards

    Blockchain job forums are a tremendous area to begin your look for blockchain builders. You can access most of these job boards using well-known search engines like Google and Yahoo.

    Some of the maximum popular  blockchain process forums include:

    • is a portal that lists jobs associated with cryptocurrency. The web page gives applicable vacancies from across the world, ordered according to a particular location and form of the employment contract.
    • CryptoJobsList: CryptoJobsList is one of the quality locations to discover blockchain developers because it has special categories, together with intern, DeFi, marketing, developer, NFT, and more. This makes it simple to discover the proper blockchain engineer for the placement you need to fill.
    • is some other job board for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs. You can look for the proper developer primarily based totally on their geographic vicinity and skills.


    You also can lease blockchain builders by searching through online groups of blockchain specialists, together with Reddit, BitcoinTalk, and StackExchange.

    In this manner, you may get in contact with builders who’re seeking out new possibilities and connect to capacity applicants directly.


    Subreddits like r/cryptodevs are an extraordinary manner to discover developers withinside the cryptocurrency space. For example, the r/ethdev subreddit is a network of 70k+ builders running on Ethereum-associated projects.


    BitcoinTalk is some other on-line network that permits you to discover blockchain developers. The web page consists of a listing of builders who’re to be had for hire and a discussion board in which you may ask questions on particular development issues.


    StackExchange is a Q&A site for developers. It consists of a phase about blockchain that permits you to discover builders acquainted with the technology.


    Alternatively, you may hire blockchain developers by attending meetings, such as mentioned below.

    Bitcoin Miami

    Bitcoin Miami is a conference that specializes in the usage of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. In 2021, the conference had a sold-out crowd of 12,000 attendees. This is an extraordinary possibility as a way to discover blockchain builders.

    Blockchain Expo

    The Blockchain Expo is a chain of 4 meetings held during the year. You can attend any of the meetings to hire blockchain developers.

    North American Bitcoin Conference

    The North American Bitcoin Conference is one of the biggest Bitcoin meetings in the world. The subsequent assembly could be held in Miami from January 17-19, 2022.

    LA Blockchain Summit

    The LA Blockchain Summit is one of the world’s main meetings, centered on mainstream adoption and investments in the blockchain world. Attend the conference to hook up with blockchain app developers and crypto specialists who can be extraordinary additions to your company.


    GitHub is a website that hosts open-source projects. Blockchain builders create public repositories on GitHub in which you may study their code and glance through their work history.

    If you are an avid GitHub user, you may conveniently lease blockchain developers from there because their work is already on show as a way to see their expertise.

    Talent Marketplaces

    Talent marketplaces are some other extraordinary areas to hire blockchain engineers because you may discover pre-vetted skills equipped to work.

    How to Hire Blockchain Coders?

    If you are hiring blockchain developers for the first time, then it is necessary for you to acquire knowledge before diving into it. Here are some tips to begin: 

    Job Post Example

    What is essential in your hiring process? Let participants know if there are any goals and challenges upfront so they aren’t wasting their time applying if it is not a good fit.

    Interview Questions

    Apart from the job post, the interview questions have to additionally be tailored to the blockchain app developer’s abilities and experience.

    Ensure the interview questions you ask align together with your company’s culture.

    The interview isn’t pretty much assessing if an applicant is qualified for a job or not, however, it is also about figuring out how properly the 2 parties will get together.

    While asking questions in an interview can provide you with insights into your candidate’s character and idea process, it is similarly vital for them to get a sense of how friendly and inviting you’re as their future boss.

    Some of the questions that can be interrogated in such an interview are:

    • How long have you ever been in the blockchain field?
    • What demanding situations do you spot with implementing or the usage of blockchain technology?
    • Have you ever created a blockchain application? If so, are you able to inform us about it?
    • What is your experience with cryptography, and how could that be applicable to running with blockchain?
    • Do you enjoy coding in Solidity or different blockchain programming languages?
    • Are you acquainted with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? What do you suspect of them?
    • What sort of equipment do you operate to control projects?

    Coding Challenges

    Blockchain coding comes with a few particular demanding situations in addition to opportunities.

    This rising tech is transforming how we conceive of and interact with statistics on an international scale. As technology keeps on expanding and developing greater extensively, individuals who can successfully leverage it’ll have a higher chance of fulfillment and success than individuals who do not apprehend it.

    One of those challenges is knowing how blockchain works and what makes it unique and advanced to other technologies.

    This approach know-how it’s center principles: decentralization, security, immutability, consensus, and openness. These traits are contemplated in each smart contract (self-executing portions of code) and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (and Ethereum).

    When you hire blockchain engineers, it is vital to make sure that they may be privy to those demanding situations and aren’t reluctant to increase their talents when required.


    Due to the shortage of talent in the international market, It can be hard to find blockchain app developers that add value to your organization. For this, you need to search market trends and then hire blockchain developers including the requirements such as what skills and how much experience candidates you require.

    You should follow a proper procedure to hire a blockchain developer or blockchain development company. So that you can get a skilled blockchain developer who helps you in the growth of your business.

    You should also clear all your requirements while publishing your advertisement so that a candidate is able to find out what things he/she should have before applying for the post. We also provide some best companies that are capable of providing the best blockchain developers.

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