How to do A/B Testing of your Website’s Elements?

Which is your favorite Pizza? Did you decide that by only tasting one Pizza or tried many and then made your decision? A wise man always tries the available options and then makes his decision. He basically tests the Pizzas and then decision. In Technical terms, he is in the A/B testing phase. When we say A/B testing, the first thing comes in IT professionals and marketers is Email Testing. But A/B testing can by applied on any marketing material, product or anything. A good web designing company always keeps the room for providing variants of elements for A/B testing. Today, we will talk about Website’s A/B Testing.

1.Make the List of the Elements to Test
Headlines, Keyword Selection, Call to Action text and its placement, placement of social sharing buttons, promotional wordings, font colors, font type, font size, and page layout etc. are some of the elements that you need to test. There could be more depending on your website style and business niche. Keep the margin for A/B Testing in the contract while contracting a web designing company.

2. Test one Element at a Time
Run one element on test at one time. Multiple testing won’t help in tracking the right metrics for progress. See the name, it’s A/B Testing not A/B/C/D/E/F… Z Testing. Test one element at a time with different variables in it. Suggest your website design service providers make the variants available for testing.

3.Duration of the Testing
Don’t keep running the testing phase indefinitely. If are testing an element for a week, then test the other element for the same duration. It will be easy for you to track the success of each element. Plan for the duration of each element prior to the A/B testing Phase. Keep your web design service providers in the loop for this and take the advice of your marketer to know for how long you should test an element.

4.Test Metrics of Your Testing Elements
Call-To-Action test results are measured on the basis of click through rates! Page layout tests the user-experience, which reflects your bounce rate. Likewise, the placement of your social sharing buttons lets you know about the social media sharing. Each A/B testing element must be tested and measured for its own performance and metrics.

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