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    Listening to music is a need of everyone. There are numerous music apps available for everyone’s entertainment. Nowadays these music applications are developing with more trending features. These features are so unique, which enable a user to interact with the application more and more.

    We all know that music applications are more about music or music-related videos. These days music has become the need of everyone and music apps are there to fulfil there need. Moreover, everyone is having his or her headsets on while working or doing anything. The best mobile app development companies in India focus on the latest music applications to provide the latest features to their audience.

    With new features, these applications are taking advantage of and creating their space on every other device they can. Every other person is having these Music Applications for their Entertainment these days.

    Tiktok is another music application in the music sector. It helps a user to make short music videos on the popular music tracks and dialogues from the monologues from popular movies. Earlier TikTok was known as It was a social media service, situated in Shanghai with another branch at Santa Monica, California. TikTok now is one of the trending music video apps.

    The idea of the music application has been changed a lot of as compared to Spotify, TikTok or Pandora. When you open up your Facebook and Instagram account, the first thing you see is of a TikTok small video. The impact of the app is increasing day by day. It is one of the main reasons, why people are looking for a better idea to create a music app like TikTok.

    What is TikTok?

    TikTok is a Chinese music video platform, TikTok allows its user to create the best music videos and share them with friends in social media such as Instagram, Facebook with animation and good music.

    Many people have a habit of singing with the songs or to Lip-Sync them, sing and dance on them. The music App like TikTok helps its user to set live pictures and live videos as their wallpaper and they can share it with their friends. These videos can also be edited with the filters provided in the application itself. Using these filters and special effects, these videos are spiced up.

    This app acts as a platform for millions of people to show their talents, their precious moments and knowledge they have in a video format.  It also allows adding favourite music or sounds to the recorded video. These videos can be furthered edited with funny animations, sounds, music and many more things, which make the video more attractive and spicy.

    Furthermore, there are many other genres added to the application such as Rap, hip-hop, rock and electronic. The simple and realistic editing tools can be used that comes along with app assist in trimming, cutting, combing and duplicating the video clips. Videos recorded while live streaming is constantly updated with creative and fresh designs.

    It could be a comprehensive mix of sports, dance, comedy, animal comedy videos, or DIY, etc.

    These videos formed in the or TikTok request can be set as the live wallpaper or can be converted to live wallpaper via TikTok. All the photos and videos can be saved in the TikTok settings.

    Its iOS version is very smooth with its UI/UX and after checking the stats, TikTok has stretched the milestone by reaching about 150 million daily users. The application is increasing its worldwide presence overall.

    TikTok Safety Features

    Parents are insecure these days about the future of their kids. Parents need to be careful while allowing their kids to use this app as it could be potentially dangerous for their kids. It is not like a simple app where you can do lip sync and make a music video. There contains a music video with inappropriate content in them.

    Anyone can see this video without active internet on his/her device. There can be a more adult video or content in the list when you explore that could be strictly prohibited for the kids under the age of 18 years.

    TikTok Features and Functions required

    Simple User Interface

    It is very important for the present time to provide the simple user interface to the applications so that users do not have any issue to use this application.

    The TikTok app starts directly in the feed screen going straight in the video.  There are some videos, which are more famous and new.  The popularity of the videos is measured in the form of hearts that video has gained.


    This heart feature is similar to the Instagram features of liking and giving hearts to the post you like the most. In TikTok a user can provide non-committal double-tap. Here the creator profile can track how many hearts received.

    Tools and feature

     There are editing tools available in “TikTok” which are very supreme level. They are amazing with AR effects.

    Social Feature

    Making duets with anonymous users is one of the social features available in TikTok. A creator can start making his/her video by lip-syncing a music track to a dialogue. Now the other can connect to the video by the #Duetswithmehashtagand can try putting their own efforts or spin to it.

    Duets and Reactions are a core part of the TikTok experience. Using Duets lets users appear on the same screen with a person they want, be it a celebrity, their loved one or just a random person. Imagine that you come across some funny clip or other quality content and want to add your touch to it. You can do it with Duets by creating a side-by-side video.

    Growing on many Networks

     This app enables the users to share their videos, on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram profiles.

    Music Library

    There is a music library integrate into the application, which contains a never-ending music list.

    Express Tools

    Various tools are present in the TikTok mobile application. These tools are necessary, and all are of the supreme level. All tools consist of many different filters, AR effects and very interesting or exciting also.

    AI-based recommendations

    Tik Tok uses artificial Intelligence to analyze user’s interests and preference automatically based upon their previous interactions. The best example of this is the “For you” page, which creates the most relevant content to a certain user. Tik Tok starts making its guesswork from the first time when you open the app to build an intricate model of what you presumably tend to watch.

    Cloud Storage

    For this, cloud storage services like Google Cloud Storage, Azure & Amazon S3 can be used.

    Tik-tok-icon Content Deliver Networks (CDSs)

    In order to serve user experience, one requires using highly scalable CDN services in order to stream media securely.

    Audio/Video Transcoding

    In this process, media files need to be transcoded in several of media format so to make them supportable to all of the major devices and browsers. For this, either open-source software like FFMPEG or third party solution like Amazon elastic transcoder can be used.

    Tik-Tok-icon player configuration

    It needs to be done as both desktop & mobile server quality based content on user internet speed. It is compatible with almost every type of music player and offers better sync music audios for the audience.

    In-Built Video editor and music library

    The app offers up-to-date means to display their creativity without using third-party editors. The toolset includes a selection of filters, AR effects, animations and stickers, intuitive editing tools, and a large music library of any genre. A user chooses a song to lip-sync, dance, or skit along with the music before starting the recording. If you want to capture something right at the moment, you can add the background music later.

    How this app is useful?

    Short-form content

    According to the research,  the age of smartphone with information overload has led to decrease the attention spans as people lose interest more quickly.  Therefore, TikTok made a wise move by limiting video duration. Once you open TikTok, you will get straight to a full-screen video, which is replaced by another clip.

    Target Right Audience

    Unlike other social platforms that try to cover different age groups and overtake giants like Facebook, TikTok aims at younger generations that express themselves more on social media and are believed to be the most addicted to their smartphones. Those aged 15-24 check their phones every 8.6 minutes plus an average of 4 hours of active daily phone usage, which is more than any other age group.

    Final Words

    Tik Tok is an international Chinese app. The standard video duration is 15 seconds, which makes it easier to keep viewers’ attention and use the app on the go. The app leverages artificial intelligence to offer users personalized content and stimulate them to explore more content. Therefore, it is one of the main sources of income these days. If you are also interested similar app like Tik Tok, consult top mobile app development company to get the best and desirable results.

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