Here’s Why Companies Fail in Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation, in general form, is a software used to manage all forms of Internet Marketing that include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO and Mobile Marketing. Half a dozen years ago, companies weren’t that much open about opting Marketing Automation, but now, every company wants it as it has shown significant growth in the revenues of those companies who have opted it.

Interesting Stats related to Marketing Automation:

1. Google keyword search of ‘marketing automation’ has increased by 25% from the previous year.
2. According to Forbes, 63% companies that have shown growth in the last year use one or more Marketing Automation Software.
3. 78% of Marketers point that they have helped the companies increase revenue only by shifting to Marketing Automation Software.
4. Job opportunities in Marketing Automation industry have increased by around 25%.
Source: Capterra

Here’s the Other End of the Stick: 85% of the total companies using marketing automation claim that they have implemented Marketing Automation Software, but they are not using it to its full capacity.

This indicates that companies are not leveraging the Marketing Automation software and not generating good ROI. It’s time you realize that you are wasting a lot of money on Marketing Automation software if you are not using it with full throttle.

Below are the top reasons why the companies are not able to leverage the full potential of Marketing Automation Software and how to tackle these problems.

1.Lack of Knowledge
No harm in admitting that you are not a Marketing Automation expert, it’s not for Layman. However, one can learn it and be a pro marketing automation marketer. But the lack of knowledge of the software is the top reason why companies fail to use it to its full potential.

Solution: Hire an expert Marketer who knows the ins and outs of Marketing Automation Software. Here, RichestSoft can assist with its Marketing Automation Consultation services. Schedule a free consultation with our consultants.

2.Content Scarcity
Email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing cannot run without good quality content. It’s the soul of every marketing campaign. Marketing Automation tools tell you the content approach, you have to create/write/develop content from your own resources. Companies are helpless if they have good marketing automation tool but not a good source for content.

Solution: Invest a couple of good resources for content to continue the content supply so that all your campaigns can run smoothly.

3. Old Habits Die Hard
How is any startegy going to work if you implement latest marketing automation software and follow old-school marketing methods. The bulk marketing methods are old-school, go for one-to-one marketing. Proceed as per each prospect’s position in the life-cycle or in the buyer journey.

Solution: Know the trending marketing methods, or follow the forecasting in your marketing automation tool. RichestSoft marketing automation consultants can help you know the best marketing methods for your business.

4. Over-Dependent
Marketing Automation Software is your Harpoon and you are the Captain Ahab. But, don’t rely on it completely. Companies make the mistake of relying completely on Email Marketing only, or social media marketing only, or SEO only. Don’t overestimate the power of any tool. You won’t get the success overnight.

Solution: After testing all the marketing platforms, see which ones are working best for your business. Direct your efforts to those platforms with one hand and with the other, keep testing other platforms for best outcomes. Squeeze as much juice as you can from the cane.

These are general reasons why companies fail in marketing even after opting for Marketing Automation Software.
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