All Google Algorithms You Need to Know and Ways To Fix Them


    Google keep updates its algorithm to give the best and better result. If you have a site then you need to find out what are Google algorithms, just knowing them is not enough you need to keep your site safe from these updates. In recent days if you notice any decrease in traffic then check whether your site is affected by one of the below algorithms.

    1. Panda
    Launch Date -24 February 2011
    Panda is the first and known Google algorithm which was rolled out to check the quality score of web pages. Google used this quality score to rank the web pages. Fair and simple isn’t? When it was first launched, it was just a kind of filter, but it was so effective that Google decides to add it to it ranking algorithm. In 2016, the company officially incorporate the Panda into its core algorithm.

    How to Adjust – You need to check your site regularly for any duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and thin content. You can simply do it using Website Auditor.
    In case if you have an e-commerce site then it is almost impossible for you to provide an original content so in your scenario, you need to add an original image with proper SEO optimized alt tags.

    2. Penguin
    Launch Date – 24 April 2012
    After penalizing millions of websites who are using keyword stuffing, duplicate content and thin content after 1 year Google comes up with Penguin, the another major update. The primary objective of Penguin update is to remove all sites which have manipulative links. Like above one in 2016 company officially added to its core algorithm. Unlike Panda, Penguin works in real time.

    How to Adjust – You need to check the growth of your link profile, you can use SEO SpyGlass backlink checker. All you need to do is go to Summary screen where you can see the progress of links. If you see any unusual spikes in the graph, then you need to find the reason why you’ve got unexpected gain.

    3. Hummingbird
    Launch Date – 22 August 2013
    It seems that above two algorithms are enough but who knows Google keep trying to make it search engine better, so the next update was Hummingbird which is primarily focused on better interpret search queries. This was one of the most amazing updates to search queries better. This update does not just look on words which you enter, but it gives the result according to searcher intent. This algorithm is so smart that it will give the perfect result even the result don’t have exact keywords however keywords are still important.

    How to Adjust –To cope up with Hummingbird algorithm you need to focus on concepts not just keywords. You need to carefully research related terms, co-occurring terms, and synonyms. You can get the best from Google Autocomplete and LSI keywords. Making your site responsiveness is not a part of mobile app development, you need to fix it within your site codes.

    4. Pigeon
    Launch Date – 24 July 2014 (US), 22 December 2014 (Canada, UK, Australia)
    This is one of its kind this is unique because it affects the result of that website whose location plays an important role in ranking. Pigeon update is a combination of both local and core algorithm. This algorithm was specially released for refining local searches, till date traditional SEO algorithm are used for local searches.

    How to Adjust – Start with on-page analysis and invest your time and money on on-page and off page SEO techniques. If you have a website which is based on local services, then you need to get listed on relevant business directories. This will give you boost definitely.

    5. Mobile
    Launch Date – 21 April 2015
    The smartphone was started evolving near 2010, and everyone starts shifting to the smartphone. Today you can find barely a person who doesn’t have the smartphone. As most of the search result start coming from mobile Google rolled out a mobile update which is also known as Mobilegeddon. This update ensures that only mobile friendly sites will get the rank boost. Those who didn’t update their site and stays with the old version they were kicked out from SERP.

    How to Adjust – Today most of the sites are mobile friendly and may be yours too is the responsive site. If you are not sure about it, then you can check the responsiveness of your site here.

    6. Rank Brain
    Launch Date – 25 October 2015
    Rank Brain is the second installment of Hummingbird algorithm. Google bring it so it can easily understand the meaning behind search queries as it is one of the finest machine learning systems. Google officially consider the Rank Brain one of the 3rd best ranking factor. It is still suspicious exactly how it works, but the majority of people say that it finds the query specific relevancy in the web page.

    How to Adjust – To make your site friendly with this update you need to optimize your site content for comprehensiveness and relevance using competitive analysis.

    7. Possum
    Launch Date – 1 September 2016
    It is a much-advanced version of pigeon update. A slight change in the location completely changes the search result on the same keyword. The closer someone to your business address he is more likely to see your result.

    How to Adjust – You need to expand the list of your keywords and work on location-specific ranking. After Possum update local businesses need target more keywords.

    8. Fred
    Launch Date – 8 March 2017
    This update was launched this year in March. Fred specifically targets those site who are violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. Fred slapped millions of sites who have thin content and made especially for generating revenue from ads.

    How to Adjust – If you have thin content and moreover if your site is ad-centric which means you have lots of ad banner, pop-up ads, etc. then be ready to get slapped by an algorithm update.
    Hope you like this post. If you are facing any kind of penalty or you are not getting desired traffic then feel free to contact us. We are expert in taking your site out of any kind of penalty.

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