Google Adwords Tips to Use in SEO to Boost Performance


    Google Adwords is a great PPC method to bring traffic to your website. But, there’s more you can take from Google Adwords. An experienced SEO Expert uses Google Adwords for SEO. How? Read further to know…

    Here are some inside ideas to use Google Adwords to improve your SEO:


    1. Keyword Planner
    The most common use of Google AdWords in SEO is to research for keywords. Once the On-page is set in SEO the next step is to find the keywords. Keyword research is important and all the further steps in Off-Page SEO are dependent on the keywords. Content submission won’t fetch you good results if your keywords choice isn’t good. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of the best and easy ways to know the terms that users search. Th results this tool fetches shows the keyword’s performance on various parameters such as search volume and competition.


    2. Keyword Testing
    A few people know this and even fewer use this. Mostly people just finalize the keywords and start working on them. They forget an important metric i.e. testing of the keywords. Do you only judge a keyword’s performance based on website’s rank on it? What about the bounce rate you are getting on that keyword? How would you judge that? To know this at the initial stage. Run a campaign on your selected keywords. Spend around $20-$50 on them. See the results after a week and view the bounce rate your website is getting on each keyword after a week. Even if it is a good keyword but increasing your website’s bounce rate? It’s not worth putting on your list. Delete it!


    3. CTR Testing
    In the campaign setting of $20-$50, you can check the performance for the CTR too. Check which combination of title and description is working for you! And write that title and description for your page too. This will increase your page’s organic search CTR. You might also come across a bad combination of title and description in your Adwords, but these are what the testing phases are for! To reach the right answer you have to pass through 5 wrong answers.


    4. Geo-targeting
    If you are running Google Adwords campaigns for multiple locations, you can know which locations and which keywords in that location are targeting the best way. You can get this info from Google analytics and use this info in managing your SEO campaigns.

    So, you see the uses and benefits of Google Adwords are not restricted to Adwords only, you can use the multilevel information to polish your SEO campaigns too. But only a few SEO experts know how to leverage the data for improvement. We have just shared, there are many other cross-platform promotion tricks that can benefit your business. Contact RichestSoft SEO Experts for best online marketing performance.


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