Get out of the Automation Zone in Sales Cloud

You are half-way on the success route if you are already using sales cloud. Why half-way? It’s because shifting to a marketing automation software is not enough, you got to make it perform the best of its ability so you can generate good ROI, increase customer base and grow the business.

Many marketing automation software users make the mistake of automating everything in the software. They usually do this because

  • They don’t know how to perform the tasks manually.
  • They think if it is an automation software, then everything needs to be automated.

1. Personalize
Get out of the automated zone of the sales cloud. There’s much more in that than just automation. Your will notice an increase in your success if you personalize your CRM to meet your specific requirements. It is always better to make the tools align with your business process. That’s how you increase its performance.

2. Automate
Not everything should be personalized and not everything should be automated. There are tasks in the sales cloud that are time-consuming and just requires entry filling and simple clicking. These tasks can be and should be automated to save your sales team’s precious time.

3. Integrate
Do more with sales cloud 1st and 3rd party integration through APIs (Application Program Interfaces). If there’s a complex in Sales Cloud, then there’s also an application to simplify that task. Integrate your sales cloud with that application and complete all the tasks simply, safely and securely.

4. Sandbox
Sandbox is a great tool to develop and test your actual customizations/changes made in the sales cloud. It doesn’t test and affect your changes in your organization’s core software. It’s an identical alternative for your core production tool where you can develop, test and measure without affecting your original production tool.

5. Sales Cloud Consultation
Features and functions of sales cloud that are out of your league could serve you great only if you call for support or consultation. One consultation call with RichestSoft sales cloud experts and you could meet and beat the challenges you are facing in the Sales Cloud. Don’t just automate what you don’t understand, contact us to learn and personalize your marketing automation software.

So, don’t wait or hesitate, pick up the phone and dial the given numbers for best salesforce consultation.

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