How We Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at our workplace

    The ceremony of Ganesh Chaturthi 

    Ganesh Chaturthi is a major festival in India. The nation of India waits for the entire year for this celebration. The ten-day festival is celebrated by inaugurating Lord Ganesha’s idol at home and office. This day is perceived as one of the most positive celebrations in the Hindu belief and is widely relished, specifically in Maharashtra. Lord Ganapati is the son of Shiva and Parvathi. According to mythology, once goddess Parvathi went to take a bath while bathing, she took some sandal powder and created a human shape out of it. Parvati clearly instructed the boy not to let anyone enter while she left for a bath.


     Lord Shiva was coming home and stopped by Ganesha at the door. Shiva became furious and cut off Ganesha’s head as lord Shiva felt Ganesha opposed and challenged him. When Parvathi came to notice of this, she sorely mourned. To relieve her sufferings, lord Shiva instructs his servants to cut off and bring him the head of any animal that might be sleeping with its head facing north. The servants went on their task and found only an elephant in that posture. The sacrifice made, and the elephant’s head was brought before Shiva.

     The lord Shiva then assembled the elephant head into the body of Ganesha and conjured all the gods to bless their son. The deities blessed the boy and granted blessings on him. Shiva discerned him as his son named him “Ganesha.” The gods honored Ganesha with the blessings that we would be praised and worshiped before anyone else at the onset of any ceremony of the event. The notion of gathering Ganesha’s prayers before any other god proceeds even today. 

     Significance of worshiping Ganesh Chaturthi

     Lord Ganesha is idolized as a matter of belief and devotion. This was the day when Ganesha was revitalized to existence with an elephant head. The son of Parvathi and Shiva is the deity of wisdom, learning, and fortune. Ganesha’s name recites before beginning any work, and it is believed to be very blessed and auspicious. Some people even keep the portrait of Lord Ganesha on their entrances to allow positive vibration to pass into the house. 

    How we Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at Richestsoft 

     At most offices, employees barely get a chance to interact. Festivals are meaningful for any company. Everyone wishes to get their employees connected and inclined at work, and the perfect moment to sight this event is during festival celebrations at the office. Festive celebrations at the workplace help break existing hierarchies and boundaries. This is one of the momentous events when people let their guard down and are happy to merge. Festive events boost the mood and spirit of the employees. 

     We all celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at Richestsoft, one of the best mobile app development companies in India. The HR and the employers made a lot of efforts to decorate and clean the office area to make sure everything goes well. The office area was decorated with flowers and balloons. All the employers engaged in decorating the office while some decorated the pandal with flowers and lightings to make it gazing and beautiful. Ganesh Chaturthi is a happy and sacred occasion. All the office employees worked out in beautifying the office. Everyone assembled in the front of the area where Ganapati murti was inaugurated. The aarti thali was decorated with flowers and sindoor. The whole team was eagerly waiting for Ganapati Sadhana. Finally, the wait was over, and the firm’s owner came along with the Ganapati idol and inaugurated it on the pedestal. 

    A Spoon of curd was tipped on the palm of the Ganapati idol. The company’s owner began with the worship, and chanting of Ganapati’s bhajans at 10:00 am .one by one, each employee took the blessings of the aarti and offered sweets and flowers to Ganesha. This aarti was completed for ten days with faith and belief. The prayers and chanting of mantras were done with the same emotion. Everyone was chanting and shouting, “Ganapati Bappa Morya, mangal murti Morya.” All the office employers enacted prayers gatherings to seek Lord Ganapati’s blessings and pleading to Ganesha to arrive early in next year. Modak is supposed to be Lord Ganesha, favorite sweet. 

    After worshipping and chanting prayers for Lord Ganesha, sweets, coconut, ladoo were granted to Ganapati and distributed as a Prasad to all the staff and the employers. This ceremony took place from 10th September and lasted till 15th  September. We kept the Ganapati idol for five days at the office, and after five days, the visarjan was done. All the office members engaged in five-day-long celebrations and worshiped the Ganapati every day with chanting of lord Ganesha songs. 

    The office staff did varieties of preparations and decorations at the office to make Lord Ganesha happy.

    On the last day, Ganesh visarjan finally took place, where all the employees and staff members prayed to Lord Ganesha to greet them with blessing and knowledge. The last ritual took place where all the office employers gathered and sang Jai Ganesh deva aarti for the last time with great enthusiasm for the good-bye procession. One day before visarjan, Mahaarti was commended for lord Ganesha and offered chappanbhog of food items. 

    Final Point

    Everyone in the office got emotional when the Ganapati visarjan was at a final point. The Ganapati idol was taken off from the pedestal and was taken around the office areas so that his blessings were taken around the area to eliminate all the bad sensations. All the employees sang Ganapati Bappa Moriya once it was lifted on the shoulder. All the staff members were excited from the office with coconut and surrounded it on the head of the Ganapati murti three times and broke the coconut on the ground. 

    There were so many procedures done for the farewell of Ganapati. The Ganapati idol was carried in the car for the visarjan, and the staff members merged with the procession and filled the whole vibrations with chanting of lord Ganesha bhajans. Ganapati Bappa Moriya bhajans were recited throughout the farewell of Ganesha visarjan. 


    Visarjan took place at Ropar, on the bank of Satluj River where Ganapati visarjan was completed. The office employers reached the area where they began with the visarjan ritual. Some of office employers went there at early in the morning (6 o’ clock) and performed the visarjan aarti by pouring a full spoon of curd into Ganesha’s palm to ensure that lord Ganesha visited again. 

    Our owner Mr. Ranjitpal Singh committed all the rituals by carrying the Ganapati idol in their hand, and a chowki was placed with flowers. Raw rice and words recited “thank you, Ganapati, for coming into our homes and office and taking all the troubles from our life. It became a very emotional sight for everyone. 

    The beats of dhols were changing whole feelings. Finally, the Ganapati idoldipped in the water, and the process came to an end. After performing Ganapati visrajan, all the employers came up with a heavy heart and Lord Ganesha’s blessings. And we always wish that lord Ganesha removes all the dilemmas and will shower the blessing in our life.

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