Expected Design Trends in 2017

We have talked about the internet marketing trends, social media marketing trends for B2B marketing in 2017. Today, we will talk about Design Trends to Follow in 2017.

1. Content Based Layout!
As the purpose of the website is deliver the information, so showcasing, highlighting the information must be the priority.

“The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to easily focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading”

–Hermann Zapf

Consider your website is the white plate. Now, it’s your creativity how you setup the dish you have prepared in that white plate so that it looks delightful, and intuitive.

2. With Content, also Focus on Personalization, and Conversion
Focusing on content means the target is to deliver content to the right audience at the right time and getting conversions. Personalization is there to treat one sector of audience (based on demographics, interest, behaviour). Relevant content makes the reader stay on the page for longer.

3. Virtual Reality
It reached or phones in 2015 and now it will grab the web market. Soon browsers will be ready to support VR. See this for example; aframe. VR is just getting starting for the web.

4. Custom Typography
Customization is not implemented in setting the tone for the content, but also in the headings, and titles. Bold, big letters are common, which weren’t there a couple of years ago. It’s just getting better and better with time. Testing their creativity, web designers are experimenting with their custom fonts and the experiments have been successfully so far. The newly introduced fonts are already in demand and have made a signature style.

5. Come out of Stock Images
Shutterstock has been ruling the internet by providing the stock images for quite a long time. But, things are changing now and as we witnessed in 2016, we are expecting to see more original images than stock images. It’s a step in personalization.

6. Material Design
Introduced by Google and welcomed by all. It’s all over Google products. It’s in Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Drive.

It is a method for outlining to make a progressive system of meaning and significance on the page, attracting the client’s concentration to various regions at the same time moving and reacting to the client’s activities. They’re calling the last Material Motion. The material design utilizes geometric shapes to outwardly improve their site, make profundity, and authenticity. It’s turning out to be increasingly well known over whatever is left of the web as well, because of its “living” status, its adaptability, and its similarity over all gadgets.

We all have stepped into 2017 and we are yet to find what the year is holding for us in its bag of secrets.

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