Excited about Dreamforce? Make the most of your Visit at Dreamforce


    This year’s greatest business conference is on the Horizon. Just a few days away now. You may be excited about your visit at Dreamforce. So are we and we have planned our way to make the most out of our visit to Dreamforce. Meetings are being fixed, plans that we were going to discuss have been prepared, and we are ready to spill the beans at Dreamforce’16.

    Here’s how anyone can make he most out of his/her visit to Dreamforce. Here’s what you should do

    1. Get Comfy
    A lot will be happening at the event. You must be prepared to visit at multiple venues, booths to seize the opportunity at the right. You might have to do a lot of foot work. So, slip in the comfortable corporate casuals and shoes to do the walking without stressing your body.

    2. Bring Plenty of Cards
    It’s a business meet. So, bringing the Business cards is the obvious thing to do if you are really visiting Dresmforce for growing your business.

    3. Communicate
    Now, once you are ready to cover the event on foot, packed with business cards, start communication with potential prospects you see there. Communicate with every lead you get, present yourself well. Discuss the future opportunities and share your business cards. RichestSoft representatives did the same at DMEXCO, on 14th & 15th September, in Cologne, Germany. We got an excellent response at DMEXCO.

    4. Observe
    See what the competitors are doing. See what they brought new this year, what’s in trend. Just observe the latest industry trends.

    5. Take a Break
    There will be musical performances, after parties at the event. Don’t miss those. After all, you will be in San Francisco, it has world’s most happening crowd.

    6. Learn
    DMEXCO, Dreamforce or any other business events are a great way to learn and grow together. Talking with high professional individuals, attending the technical sessions, and communicating to lock a business deal will all grow to make you a good marketer, business.

    DMEXCO’s Hangover is still on and Dreamforce is not far. We are excited. Hope to see you there with full enthusiasm.

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