Enhance Your Web Development Skills With These Productivity Tools


    Are you a web developer? If yes then we know how hectic is your schedule and how worse it can be. Still, you need to be calm and patient and stay dedicated to your project or work, right? To help you to stay organized we have a list of some best productivity tools which helps you to enhance your web development skills in no time. Use any of below tool and see the difference in your work.

    TMetric Time Tracking

    Basic version: Free

    Professional Version: $4 per user per month

    Business Version: $6 per user per month

    Time is one of the most important things, and when you are into web development, you know how important it is. You need to be creative with every minute. If you find this difficult then here is a tool for best tool for you.

    TMetric is web based simple but one of the most powerful tool. This tool will help you to track your working hours. It has eye-on-the-eye features which let you add a task and fill the time it supposed to last and press on Start, that’s it.

    TMetric gives you a quick glimpse of everything you’ve worked. This tool also allows you to collaborate with other members; it shows how others are spending their time.


    Basic Version: Free

    Professional Version: $ 67 Per License Per Year

    We recommend you to use ManicTime to enhance your web development skills. This is a bit different from tools listed here as you can download it. It will record everything from the background. It will give you a detailed analysis on things you’ve worked on, files you opened and how much time you spent on a particular task.

    With ManicTime you can easily tag time periods with the help of this, you can easily create time sheets. The best thing about ManicTime is you haven’t to log in just click on start and stop when you finish.


    Essential Version: $14 Per User Per Month

    Company Version: $21 Per User Per Month

    Enterprise Version: $49 Per User Month

    If you want a tool which is visually appealing apart from enhancing your web development skills then here is Timely for you. If you have ever used Kanban, then it has a similar appearance. This tool allows you to drag and drop a block in the calendar which gives you a quick review of all day.

    Reporting is one of the best features of Timely which you love to try. With Timely you can check how you’ve to spend your month, week or day. You can set hourly price for each task which can be billable or non-billable. This way you can easily track how much you’ve made in an hour. The last but one of the most interesting thing which you can do it with Timely is color coding every task. No other app allows you to code do the same.


    Basic Version: Free

    Pro Version: $4.99

    Business Version: $4.99 Per User

    Looking for a checklist app? How about Wunderlist? It is so awesome that Microsoft bought it for whooping $200 million. Worth checking, isn’t it? Wunderlist is a lightweight and simple app which can create a quick to-do list for you.

    Wunderlist comes with cross-platform supports which means you can access it from any device. This is fairly simple and must have features who know when you want to add your task. Like most of the checklist app, Wunderlist app lets you set periodic reminders. Still, we recommend you to check to see how it execute these tasks.


    Basic Version: Free

    Premium Version: $29 Per Year

    Business Version: $28.99 Per User Per Year

    The creative team at Todoist decides to bring something more than checklist app. It has checklist app which has traditional email client interface. When you use Todoist, you will not have to struggle to understand interface. You can easily add and edit tasks without any hassle.

    Apart from adding a task, it made most of its email like interface. You can send emails using its browser plugin for Gmail, Outlook, and Thunderbird. Like Wunderlist Todoist is a multi-platform supported app. So feel free to use it on any platform.

    Todoist has an unusual feature which lets you add tasks just by typing sentences with dates like “Monday at 10 AM,” or “every “Tuesday at 6 PM”. This is one of the best productivity tools to enhance web development skills. You will agree with us when you know about its last feature. Todoist gives you karma points every time you complete any task. It will keep alive your enthusiasm to work as it will show how you are performing against your colleagues.

    Remember the Milk

    Basic Version: Free

    Pro Version: $39.99 Per Year

    Don’t go with the name. This is the tool which you need to try. Remember the Milk is one of the oldest checklist apps. The best thing about RTM is its voice recognition feature. You can add task just by saying, no need to type, i.e. say “send mail to Mark at 8 AM on Thursday”. That’s it, it will add the said task in to do list.

    Remember the Milk figured out that adding task is not a big deal, but it ‘s hard to perform the task when it needs to be done. To address this problem, RTM team added push notifications on SMS, Google Hangout, AIM, Twitter, desktop, smartphone and more. If you go with pro version, then you will get a chance to use its super amazing features like subtasks, tags, smart tasks lists and more.


    Basic Version: Free

    Premium Version: $8 Per User Per Month

    Professional Version: $12 Per User Per Month

    Calendly is marketed as beautiful and simple scheduling solution and no doubt they are not boasting. This is the tool which helps you to keep all your appointments organized.

    As Calendly’s team knows very well that people use various tools, this way they face double booking like situations. To deal with this problem, Calendly integrates with popular apps like Office365, Google, Outlook and more.

    Calendly is a multi-supported device. Apart from this, it allows you add multiple conferences, workshops, webinars, etc. in a single time slot. With so much power don’t consider that it is difficult to use. You will get a clear and clean interface to organize everything.

    If you are using any other tool to enhance your web development productivity, then don’t hesitate to share with us. We love to hear it.

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