Elements to Test in A/B testing for Better Performance of Marketing Campaigns

A/B testing, as the name suggests, is the performance comparison of the two elements. For lead generation process in Inbound Marketing, there are various elements to test to see the performance of the campaign. This way it is easy to know which practices are working best in the campaign.

Marketing Automation Software offers options to test elements that determine the performance of your marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Some of these elements are common in various marketing assets/practices.
The list of the elements to test goes on like…

1. Subject Line: Length of the Subject line, tone, and pitch

Read our detailed post on How to Write Tempting Emails and Subject Lines

2. Personalization in the Email.
3. Day and Time when you are sending the email.
4. Call-To-Action: Placement, choice of words and colors.
5. Heading and Body Text: Test it for length and approach.

Social Media Marketing

1. Scheduling Time of the Posts: Best timezone your customers access their social media channel

2. The ratio of Promotional Posts and Other Posts: See which kind of posts are working better. Increase the number of those posts. Read about the 4-Posts Social Media Strategy to know the kind of posts you should put.

3. Best Platform: See which platform is working best for you as per your business niche. This will tell you where your audience is and which platform your audience uses. Try out these 3 Thumb Rules for Initial Platform Based Promotion Practices

Social Icons

1. Placement of the Social sharing Icons: The click rate will suggest the best place to put the social sharing icons
2. Choice of icons: Color, Shape, Type, and Size of the icons.

Contact Form

1. Length of the Contact Form: No. of fields to be filled by the Visitor
2. Asked Fields in the Form: Questions asked in the form such as Name, Company Name, Email, and Phone Number, etc.
3. Text on the Click Button: Text such as ‘submit’, ‘sign-up’, ‘get quote’, ‘download eBook’. See which is working best as per your offer/product/service.


1. Get a Quote, Get a free consultation, Download eBook, Purchase Now! Test your CTA text.
2. Placement of the CTA on your Landing Page, Web Page, and Email Template.
3. Visual Appearance of the CTA.

1. Title on Webpage, Title on landing Page, Email Template. Creative, straightforward and fluffy see which one’s working for your product or services.
2. Body Text on Landing Page and Email Template. Depending on the phase in which your customer is, change the content approach in the body text.

Without testing these elements you would never know the best practices to follow.
Also, we recommend testing one element at a time. Multiple element testing would not point out exactly changing which element brought the variation in the performance.

Marketing Automation Software is a great platform to test these elements

We have shared what to Test!
You know the platform to do the Testing!
Now, allow us to assist in How Testing is Done!

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