How to Effectively Use Hashtags to Grow Your Business

For some, the hashtag is just a symbol, while for others it is a gateway to a world of knowledge. It is a great asset for today’s businesses, and ignoring it would not be such a good idea.

Depending on the generation in which you and your team members are, either you already use it daily during your actions on social networks, or find it rather insignificant. There is rarely a happy medium when it is concerned.

I’ll do a quick overview of how the hashtag should be used to maximize reach and create added value for your business.

# Utility101

Did you know that the hashtag could have several functions, depending on its use?

  • It facilitates reading by bringing out the subject of the message;
  • It gives a different meaning to the text by allowing a humorous, sarcastic or thought-provoking addition;
  • It makes it possible to make an effective watch of the topics of topicality or which interest you the most;
  • It is used to launch a marketing campaign, to promote the sale of a product or the visibility of an event using a word or an expression of its own;
  • It makes it possible to create a commitment to the people who follow you and thus to attract future customers.


You should use a hashtag linked to your company, your brand, to reinforce the message you want to spread to your customers on different platforms, whether digital or traditional.

The choice of your main hashtag, even if it seems harmless, should not be taken lightly. I advise you to take the time to do what is done in your field, not to “copy” a competitor, but to choose one that establishes your reputation with a word or phrase that sticks to the skin of your business.

On social networks, you can then like and share the photos and publications of your customers/fans who use your hashtag(s). It’s a great way to create an attachment and interest in your brand, propelling your organic reach even further.

Whether on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube… or on TV, in newspapers or on billboards, show your brand! The more you do it, with your hashtag, of course, the more people will be curious about you and converge on your digital platforms.

By encouraging people to mention your hashtag in their conversations on the web, you will be able to know their appreciation of your products and services. This obviously applies to both SMEs and multinationals. Everyone can, in their own way and according to their creativity, stand out from the crowd with a promotional campaign or a strong call to action that will make them think of a specific need.

By asking your audience to participate using the hashtag you have selected, it will be easy for you to follow the rise of your brand and its visibility to those who follow you, but also to those who have noticed your hashtag in a magazine or on a sign on the edge of the highway, for example.


Even if you have selected a main hashtag, I strongly encourage you to find others, to note them, and their effect on the public, in order to reuse them according to the subject during your publications.

How to choose them? By selecting the aspects of your business that make you stand out and that your customers are interested in. It is important to follow the trend and modify them according to the trends and interests of your followers.

You have no idea how such a small addition can change people’s perceptions and the visibility of your business if it is well used.


In the age of data analysis to explain all the actions and expenses made by a company, there are tools that can help you understand the use of the hashtag.

  • Hashtagify: Allows you to find the most popular hashtags on a subject;
  • Trendsmaps: You will be able to discover which are the most popular hashtags in the world, according to the region where you are;
  • Brand 24: This tool tracks your brand’s (and your competitors’) mentions and analyzes them;
  • Hashtracking: It analyzes campaigns and events with hashtags;
  • Twubs: You can register a hashtag for your brand and follow particular words and phrases;
  • HootSuite: The best-known tool for managing your social networks on the same platform and studying the impact of your publications.

If no source seems to agree on the number of hashtags to use, according to the platform, the analysis of their effects on your company will allow you to make your own idea on the question. Just remember that a good idea with an effective hashtag can take you a long way if the public follows you!

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