Demand Generation Strategies Startups Must Adopt


    Demand Generation, as the name suggests is the process of generating demand for company’s products and services in the market using various tactics.

    Marketers have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the conversion path to catch the right customers. The demand generation journey begins from contacts and ends at contacts becoming potential customers. See the Below Table.


    1. Giveaways
    As a Startup, you won’t be having much in your portfolio pocket. To compensate that, you have to give away launch offers or welcome offers. Whatever you can provide for free, just provide that.

    2. Invest in Facebook Ads
    B2B or B2C, never underestimate the power of Facebook Ads. Set the custom audience based on location, interest for best results. Don’t delay in investing Facebook Ads.

    3. Partner with Renowned Names
    Partnering with industry leaders or renowned personalities of the industry will help you build trust among customers. Use your contacts and connections for this. If the budget allows, plan a Webinar with your partner.

    4. Brand Awareness
    Remarketing campaigns for brand awareness, demand generation, and increasing conversions are very helpful strategies for startups to come in the limelight.

    5. Ample Amount of Marketing Assets
    Blogs, brochures, case studies, data sheets, infographics, banners, social media posts, eBooks, there’s no end to marketing material you can leverage. Don’t play loose here. Create interesting content to engage the audience using your marketing assets.

    6. Analyzing and Measuring
    You Put in efforts in marketing and sales and take out the results, stats, analytics to improve your strategies. Measuring the results is as important as implemented strategies. Your demand generation is complete without analytics and result measuring.

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