How do we deliver SEO reports to our clients?


    Economists regularly use measurable indicators to know economic factors, in order to analyze and predict future performance and make the necessary changes as a whole.

    SEO is a long-term strategy (there are trends this year). Clients tend to measure success with positive results (economic benefits). Just showing the value of a campaign with few details may be insufficient for a client, since the benefits come after an SEO strategy that takes time and effort.

    Customers can be impatient while waiting to achieve their goals. A link building campaign can go spectacularly well from the point of view of a professional SEO, but the time that links need to mature to get positive results is something that many people have difficulty understanding.

    Following the mentality of the economists to identify the basic aspects of SEO, it is possible to show in more detail how the process is being carried out and steps are being taken and stages are reached. This allows to celebrate small victories or identify problems with the client during the life of the campaign.

    These reports can be done quickly, and help the client understand the SEO statistics that professionals are doing. It is the best way to reassure the impatient person through a dialogue with productive tests every month.

    These 5 main reports of SEO indicators are more than useful as well as quick, easy to create and review. While an SEO professional may be very familiar with some of these, there is the benefit of reducing essential information, offering clients top-level reports that are easy to read and understand easily and quickly.

    1. SEO visibility.

    Do you want to be able to monitor progress over time, not only for the website but also for your competitors? What if you could see this data in a single graphic at the touch of a button?

    Created by one of the most prominent SEO analysts (Marcus Tober), Searchmetrics is a complete SEO analysis tool, which records a large amount of processable data and presents them in short, easy-to-read formats.

    Use the “SEO Visibility” report to follow the current trend and the historical evolution of the visibility of a domain in search engines. Basically, the index reflects the frequency and impact that a website appears in the search results. You can even add up to four competitors to follow their evolution.

    Searchmetrics indicates the volume and position of keywords in the search ranking, where each position is measured individually by a specially calculated factor using different formulas.

    Why use this as an advance report?

    From this historical point of view of visibility in the search engines, it allows to see the progress to detect problems and make improvements if they were necessary.

    You can also make SEO visibility comparisons of different websites or the competition with similar products/services. This offers to detect the evolution of the whole industry, where market trends are taken into account through simple identifiers to understand.

    It is also a great way to show the customer a comparison against their competitors and see how the campaign has grown.

    2. Links obtained

    You can show all the effort made for the construction of links, and how the profile of the company is increasing thanks to the work that is being done.

    This can be achieved quickly by a report of the Majestic SEO tool, which shows the progress of the construction of links in a simple and easy to understand graphics.

    Why use this tool to send a report?

    When the construction of links is done correctly, there is a correlation between the growth of links and the increase in visibility in searches. With this report, the client can see how his ranking increases thanks to the link building campaign that is being carried out correctly.

    3. Domain authority

    Moz is one of the best sites to show the authority of a domain and predict how the website is presented in the search engines. It is a good indicator of confidence of a website, where you can get data on the quality of the links, the behavior of users and the probability that a domain is the highest in the search ranking.

    Keep in mind that the authority of a domain can vary sometimes. It is not an exact historical measurement, but the images of punctuation at the time can be a good indicator, especially if the result is changing in several points at the same time.

    Why do we use this as a report?

    In a basic way, it can be said that the greater the authority of a domain, the better will be the possibilities of overtaking the competition that occupies the highest ranking sites, as a sign of trust in the eyes of searchers.

    You can use this tool to explain to clients the quality of the SEO work you are doing, because a well-executed campaign that builds trust in the site through high-quality links, usually indicates a better user experience on the site and will produce a superior authority in the domain scores.

    A website with a high authority of the domain will be more competitive in the classification and will increase by far the possibilities of ascending in the SERPs.

    4. Search traffic

    A simple image of the trends of organic search traffic from Google Analytics offers a detailed graphic to show the efforts that an SEO campaign is making over time.

    Why use this as an indicator in a report?

    Being able to see a comparison of monthly visits at the beginning of a campaign to the present, is a simple and easy way to show the successful progress of a campaign.

    The keywords move in the SERPs to reach a turning point and increase the CTR, in addition to improving the reach efforts to create more searches of the brand. Organic search traffic is bound to improve the click rate and show the growth which was created simply as a result of the SEO efforts that are being made.

    5. Rankings of keywords

    Sometimes we want to share large ranking lists of keywords with customers. Specifically for customers with large volumes of keywords to monitor. These reports can become a problem and be ignored frequently. To avoid this, twice a month choose the top 10 keywords of greatest value to the client and perform manual rank checks to monitor the process over time.

    Why use this as a report in advance?

    A list of the most valuable keywords will have a greater interest for the client. For this reason, customers can see how much closer they are to their goal, which is none other than profit. Use an easy way to read the keywords. For example, the main keywords in the first positions, green to show the improvements and red to show the decrease in the classification.

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