Some Causes of a Mobile Application Project Failure


    What are the causes of failure of a mobile project? Why do projects fail before the final delivery of the mobile app? On the contrary, what are the success factors of a mobile application?

    Are you embarking on a mobile application development project? Bravo, it’s a step towards the mobile digital transformation of your business. It’s better to hire a Mobile App Development Companies in India for the creation of an app for your business.

    However, are you sure that you are on the right track? Too often mobile application projects fail due to lack of preparation and organization. And it is not the formidable statistics of the Standish Group (all IT projects combined, not just mobile) that will tell you the opposite:

    • 19% of projects will never be completed (2015 report)
    • The previous results of this study caused a sensation when they showed that:
    • More than 52% of the projects have a cost representing 189% of the initial estimate.
    • Only 16% of projects end in budgets and initial deadlines; this figure drops to 9% for larger projects.
    • The average project timeout is 230%.
    • Out of 100 projects launched, 94 are relaunched.

    The situation has probably improved in recent years, but why such drifts? Here are the main causes :

    • a project that is too ambitious,
    • a vague specification,
    • no “good” project managers,
    • the bad IT provider you let go
    • not enough room for maneuver…

    The risks of failure are far from negligible… unless we do the right thing. By starting on a good basis, you increase the chances of success of your project.

    First, make a statement of your mobile application project. Take advantage of our expertise and our feedback, check where you are thanks to our Excel calculator to diagnose the risks of your mobile development project.

    We explain to you why it is important to think about it and organize yourself to avoid drifting away.


    The scope or scope of the project must be adapted to your human and financial resources. Perhaps the most daunting trap of a bespoke mobile application project is wanting to do as much as possible.

    The most striking examples are less mobile than software development, especially in the public sector: we think of the unique payroll software of civil servants or Louvois payment software of the military who were purely and simply stopped after millions of euros of expenses, a pure loss.

    But the lessons learned from these examples are largely applicable to the development of a mobile application.


    Instead, define the minimum mobile application that you need to get started and think about the successive versions you can consider. You will get realistic goals.

    And most importantly, the returns you will receive from the first version will allow you

    • review the features of the following versions,
    • to add new ones that you had not thought of
    • or to delete those which in their use appear superfluous.


    Your project is unlikely to succeed if it is not seriously supported by a competent, dedicated and sustainable project manager.

    Your IT provider will need a single, available and involved contact. If you are unable to answer the questions that are sure to arise, you will run the risk of bearing the blame for the failure of the project.

    Caution: Do not confuse the project manager of your IT provider with YOUR project manager.

    Perhaps you intend to carry out this mission for yourself?

    This is possible if you have the necessary time, that is to say, several hours a day. Because the responsibilities and tasks of the mobile project manager are numerous. He must in particular:

    • organize and lead the project from the specifications until the final validation and putting into production
    • coordinate the work of the various stakeholders
    • create the necessary documentation for the development of the application, the use of the tool, etc.
    • adjust the schedule according to the progress of the work

    All of these tasks require constant communication.

    Its goal is to complete the project on time and on budget, with a mobile application of quality and in accordance with the specifications.

    To ensure all its missions, your project manager must be experienced or at least trained in project management.

    It is essential that he is a professional expert in the field of your application because he will have to make sure of the good comprehension of your needs by the team in charge of the realization of the project.

    If he has not written it himself, he must have complete control and a perfect understanding of the specifications.

    It is also important that your project manager be sustainable.

    Even if all the exchanges are written and reported in the application’s documentation, a new project manager will need time to be operational and efficient in his relationship with your provider.


    Unexpected events will occur, there is no doubt.

    If you do not anticipate them, you may be stuck for lack of time or money.

    If, for example, you have prepared a marketing campaign for your new mobile application, it would be catastrophic if the application was not available on time.

    It is, therefore, necessary that the various stages of the project have been defined, if necessary with intermediate deliveries that will not wait until the end to have to test everything.

    The dates chosen must provide room for maneuver to take into account the requests for change that will occur.

    Same principle at the financial level: selecting your service provider and negotiating payment and guarantee terms is essential, but not enough.

    Provision must be made for

    • fund additional work and change requests
    • consider accommodation and operating costs
    • provide a budget for support and maintenance of your application


    Determine your overall budget accurately. And for that, nothing beats an Excel file where you list all the costs related to your mobile project.

    These red flags must immediately alert you. If you want to make sure you’re on the right track, then consult with top Mobile App Development in India to diagnose the risks of your customized mobile development project.

    Are you in the red? No problem, we can help you redirect your mobile application project on a good foundation. Book your free diagnosis with one of our experts. For 30 minutes we discuss your mobile project and we study together how RichestSoft can help you.

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