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Salesforce Consultant: How To Do The Right Selection

Salesforce Consulting company is important to hire after doing the evaluation. A meaningful screening helps us identify the features of services, and decide if those features are best according to our requirements or not. There are several sources of getting the references. But, different references will be for different requirements. The evaluation process should be […]

Salesforce Consultancy

Salesforce Joins Twitter Google, Apple, Uber, IBM To Oppose Building a Muslim Registry

At the beginning of the election campaign, Trump gave and promoted the idea of creating a Muslim registry as a strategy to end terrorism and terrorist activities against the United States. This needed a database and tech giants were approached to do so. And, tech giants we are talking about here are Salesforce, Google, Apple, […]

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Excited about Dreamforce? Make the most of your Visit at Dreamforce

This year’s greatest business conference is on the Horizon. Just a few days away now. You may be excited about your visit at Dreamforce. So are we and we have planned our way to make the most out of our visit to Dreamforce. Meetings are being fixed, plans that we were going to discuss have […]

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Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence – The Evolutionary Addition

Salesforce has a habit of surprising its users and audience with evolutionary introductions to its core software. We were yet not over with Salesforce Lightning and Sales Lightning Bolt, and Salesforce threw another ball in the Party – Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence adding to the personalization and human touch to the automated process. Salesforce invested […]

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After Salesforce Lightning, it’s Salesforce Lightning Bolt

Community and Portal Building Made Easier with Lightning Bolt Since its launch, Salesforce community cloud has gained immense popularity due to its ease of use, benefits it offers and solutions it provides. To make the overall experience even better, Salesforce has now introduced Salesforce Lightning Bolt. After the great success of Salesforce lightning, which was […]

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Best Mobile App Development Trends Witnessed in 2016

The tiny icons on your hand-size mobile screen have come through a long way to deliver a superior experience to you. From pen-stand to the penthouse, tasty meals to cab bookings, to access anything, you can’t keep your smart-phone aside. Mobile applications have made almost everything easier and it has rocket boosted mobile app building […]

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3 Free Sales Apps on Salesforce AppExchange every Sales Team Needs

In the second edition in free salesforce apps on Exchange write up, today we are covering 3 free sales app on Salesforce AppExchange. Previously we covered 3 Free Customer Service Apps on Salesforce AppExchange. 1. Ebsta for Gmail Free Gmail and Google Integration with Email Tracking Add emails from Gmail to Salesforce. Track Email Performance; […]

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3 Free Customer Service Apps on Salesforce AppExchange

Customer Service is that pillar in the marketing and sales process that can give you an evolutionary advantage over your competitors. Luckily, you have multiple customer service applications in Salesforce AppExchange to offer you in customer service support in marketing automation software. These customer service apps take the pressure off your shoulder and ease the […]

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B2B Sale Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

The change in B2B buyer habits, the buying processes, and the newly introduced sales processes are breaking the backs of sales teams. In order to meet and beat the competition, sales teams have to gulp in the latest sales process in order to hit the set goals and convert the leads. The change in the […]

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Top 8 Sales Cloud Best Practices You Should Make Full Use Of

Do you also ask these questions to yourself or your Salesforce Sales Cloud Manager? -What can you do in Sales Cloud to increase sales? -What are the best practices? -What is it that your competitors have done and you missed? If yes, then this article is for you. Follow this list of best practices in […]