Marketing Automation

5 Misconceptions Surrounding Marketing Automation Software

If sales and marketing efforts are not showing results, installing a Marketing Automation Software will do the work for us! Don’t surround yourself with such ideas. Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo, Pardot, InfusionSoft, Act-On or HubSpot are not your magic wands that do the work in a blink of an eye. Entrepreneurs think that […]

Marketing Automation

6 Creative & Personal Approaches for successful Email Marketing Campaign

Almost every email marketing solutions provider offers the basic features; creating, editing, managing, sending, tracking, success measuring of email marketing campaign and a couple of more features to separate them from the competition. Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, you name and they’ll have it. Marketing Automation Software give you the tools to bring your plans into action. […]

Marketing Automation

5 Must Take Marketing Campaign Measures Regardless of Marketing Automation Software

Switching to Marketing Automation System is like filling your inventory before the battle. It doesn’t mean that you have actually won the battle. The next and equally important step is identifying goals before any marketing plan implementation in your Marketing Automation Software. The 5 must take measures that are discussed here are not Marketing Automation […]

Marketing Automation

Lead Management Challenges & How to Overcome Them

Challenges are a part of every novel process adopted for evolutionary advantage in technological applications. Lead management through marketing automation software is such process where companies are facing. As the clients’ demand for the marketing automation consultants for specific services, we have listed top 5 challenges that clients face and hire marketing automation consultants for. […]

Marketing Automation

Here’s Why Companies Fail in Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation, in general form, is a software used to manage all forms of Internet Marketing that include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and SEO and Mobile Marketing. Half a dozen years ago, companies weren’t that much open about opting Marketing Automation, but now, every company wants it as it has shown significant […]

Marketo, Google Adwords
Marketing Automation

Integrating Google Adwords with Marketo

A Marketing Automation Software such as Marketo is capable of performing all the tasks that it is designed for. Still, the developers have allowed third party software integration to expand the reach of the software even more. And, the marketing automation software users are making full use of this opportunity. Google Adwords integration in Marketo […]

Marketing automation benefits
Marketing Automation

How Marketing Automation Benefits Make You a Better Marketer

When we say Marketing Automation, people mostly think of increasing ROI and boosting business. No doubt these are result benefits of marketing automation, but marketing automation is used to make marketing and sales process seamless using a Marketing Automation software. Today, we will discuss how Marketing Automation leads to increased ROI and Boost the business […]

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Marketing Automation

3 Marketing Apps in Salesforce AppExchange You Shouldn’t Miss

Salesforce AppExchange is fully loaded with thousands of apps that are segmented on different basis CATEGORIES INDUSTRIES Customer Service Education Sales Government Marketing Financial Services Enterprise Resource Planning Manufacturing Analytics Media & Communications Collaboration Real Estate Human Resource Retail IT & Administration Nonprofits AppExchange features paid as well as free apps. Here, we are listing […]

Consumer Buying Process
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Consultant’s Guide to Customer Buying Process

You can’t turn the blind eye on the buying habits of the consumers while making a marketing and sales plan. A product is on someone’s wishlist or in the cart. The buyer either buys the products or doesn’t. But, there are significant steps in the buying process a consumer goes through in between these two […]

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Marketing Automation

7 Bad Marketing Automation Habits to Leave Right Now

Types of Marketing Automation Tool Users Who buy Marketing Automation Tool, but don’t know how to use it. Such clients hire consultants to guide them through the software. This is the common scenario and nothing to be ashamed of. Buy Marketing Automation Tool and automate everything without any consultation. Using own cleverness and sabotaging the […]