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Never Leave These 4 Types of Social Media Marketing Tools

Content demand on social media channels is increasing. People look for both quality and quantity and when marketers get multiple projects at the same, they find it difficult to meet the requirements of the clients and audience at the same time. As the Social Media Marketer, they got to create content, design image, share the […]

Google Ads Expansion test
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5 Things Google Changed in Text Ads Expansion Test

The new expanded text ads test is conducted by Google because of the rise of mobile user-base. Search queries from the mobile are increasing day by day so Google decided to optimize the ad lengths for the mobile users. Longer ads headline in PPC Ad Campaigns means more message to deliver, more words to write […]

A/B Testing Elements
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Elements to Test in A/B testing for Better Performance of Marketing Campaigns

A/B testing, as the name suggests, is the performance comparison of the two elements. For lead generation process in Inbound Marketing, there are various elements to test to see the performance of the campaign. This way it is easy to know which practices are working best in the campaign. Marketing Automation Software offers options to […]

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3 Thumb Rules For LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter Marketing

    Shooting in the Dark and Hit and Trial games are no more in the online marketing nowadays, specifically in Social Media Marketing. A Decade back, then there was scope for such games because nobody properly knew the essence of these channels. But, marketers after research and development and case studies have developed 3 […]

Prospects in Sales Process
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Losing Valuable Prospects in Sales Pipeline? Here’s What you are Missing

Is your sales pipeline keeps flooded with potential leads but the conversion rate is still less? It means your sales process or sales pipeline is not being handled well. Your sales pipeline management is not good. Here’s a quick guide to grab the leash over the sales funnel and bring it under control. 1. Focus […]

decrease bounce rate
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Want to Decrease Bounce Rate? Follow these Landing Page Designing Tips

Bounce rate is snatching the sound sleep of website designers and developers, online marketers. Marketers shouting – We have made a website landing page and we want the visitor to stay there for a longer time! And here’s what you need to reduce the bounce rate on your landing pages. 1 No Auto-Plays Facebook introduced […]