How You Can Increase Marketo’s Efficiency?

Companies are as crazy about Marketo as a homemaker is crazy about the new washing machine. They want to learn all the functions. They want their clothes to get cleaned without wasting water and detergent. Same goes for the marketing automation software such as Marketo. Users want maximum return on their investment in Marketo. They want their marketing campaigns to be efficient. They want result oriented strategies. We can’t tell you how to operate a washing machine efficiently, but for Marketo Consultation, we are always there. Here, we are sharing tips to increase Marketo’s efficiency.

Let’s begin backward…

1. Performance Insights in Marketo
Marketo’s Performance insights are a great way to track the execution of your marketing strategy. The information displayed in the reporting not to be ignored at any point. Your future plans are based on that information. Take some time out to study the reports generated and see the areas that are performing the best and the worst for that matter. Shockingly, most of the marketers only focus on the number of leads generated in the month. They probably look for the incentive they are going to get and turn a blind eye on the WHYs of the WHY NOTs of the deal. They need to know why and how the deal failed or why and how it got converted.

2. Score Fields in Marketo
Score fields in Marketo allow the user to set up the priority metrics. You can know

  • How many forms have been filled and submitted?.
  • The open rate of your email.
  • How many clicks on the links and from where?
  • The number of website visits and from which region?


Points will be added to each metrics based on the activity on any of the set metrics.

For example; If your email’s open rate score is 5 and the form fill score that is in the email is 2, it suggests that your email subject line is catchy, but your email content is not tempting that’s why the open rate is not matching the form filling rate. Now, you know where you need to concentrate.

3. Program Tokens in Marketo
Developing a new program when you have to send an email is a cumbersome task and it is time-consuming as well as time wasting. With Program Tokens in Marketo, you can create a single template for the similar type of email patterns.

For Example; You want your email recipients to download an eBook. After a month, you have created another eBook. Now, just the eBook details in the template, and you may want to change the color, but you don’t have to create a whole new template for every email. Same way create a template for event emails, offer emails, and others.

4. Demand Funnel in Marketo
Days, when scripted approach was used for marketing or selling products or services, are over. You can’t pitch similar content for all the potential leads. The position of the potential lead in the demand funnel matters.

For Example; If the lead is in the inquiry stage, inform him about the product. Educate him.

  1. If the lead is MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), approach him differently.
  2. If the lead is SAL (Sales Accepted Lead), Pitch with sales perspective.
  3. When the lead is SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), Pith him differently.
  4. When the lead is closed, don’t just ignore, or leave in between. Keep following up and be ready for the customer delight stage..

5. Marketo Sales Insight
Closing off this content piece with another insight tip so that you can know the depth of the insightful information. It closes the gap between the marketing team and sales team.

    1. Sales team must have enough information about the generated lead from the marketing department.
    2. Marketing team must get feedback from the sales department about the generated lead.
    3. Sales team can know the Interesting Moments and Key Milestones from the Marketing Team.
    4. The sales team can prioritize the sales lead and Marketing team can allow the sales team to add the lead in the specific campaign.
This makes the communication flow between both the teams seamless.

Marketo has the power to turn the tables in your favor, and every use can leverage that power. You just need to know how you can harness that power.

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