Best Practices to Follow in Landing Page Designing


    How do you persuade someone to buy your offer, download an eBook, book a consultation with you, sign up for the newsletter, visit your website or take up your services? A Well-designed landing page is your answer. So, how to design a landing page? What are the landing page best practices? Before that, let’s read What is Landing Page.

    A Landing Page is a particular page designed to convert the visitor into a lead, into someone who signs up for the newsletter, books a consultation, downloads an eBook. It takes time, effort and study to design a landing page that converts. A few things that are basic in landing page must be on the tips of landing page design service providers.

    See the checklist of the landing page design best practices

    1. The whole landing page must be dedicated to one and only one service. The landing page should stick to the service for which it is designed.

    2. Place your call to action above the page fold.

    3. Direct your user to the Call to Action Button. Design a pointer or write text such as “click the button on the right” or something like that.

    4. A couple of testimonials, but not more than that. And, testimonials should be related to topic/service.

    5. Be precise, no fluffy content on any kind of landing page.

    6. Use good multimedia assets such as videos, gif images. Good multimedia increases the chances of conversion

    7. Place social icons on the landing page at the top right or bottom right of the page

    8. Don’t forget to do A/B Testing

    9. Use bullet points. They simplify your landing page.

    10. Highlight the reason ‘why’ of the landing page. Why a visitor should click on the button. What benefits the visitor will get?

    11. A Verb must be there in the CTA text.

    12. Website navigation shouldn’t be present on the Landing Page.

    13. Keep the form Minimal. Only keep necessary question fields.

    It’s okay if you don’t design a killer landing at the first, that’s why there is a testing phase. You can see the best landing page designs and compare check those pages on the 13 landing page design best practices mentioned above. Also, after seeing the best landing pages, you will get some landing page design ideas for sure.

    An inbound certified professional knows the Best Practices to Follow in Landing Page Designing. You will be glad to know that RichestSoft has employees in the marketing team who are HubSpot inbound certified. They work collaboratively with our expert web designers and offer the best landing page design services.

    Share you landing page design ideas with us. And, if you want best landing page ideas for your website from experts, Contact us.

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