Best Mobile App Development Trends Witnessed in 2016


    The tiny icons on your hand-size mobile screen have come through a long way to deliver a superior experience to you. From pen-stand to the penthouse, tasty meals to cab bookings, to access anything, you can’t keep your smart-phone aside. Mobile applications have made almost everything easier and it has rocket boosted mobile app building sector and we are witnessing new mobile application development tools. You use these apps daily, install the updates. Have you noticed some of the latest trends in mobile applications that every second app is following? Here are some…

    1. Clouds for Apps
    In Mobile app development service area, mobile application development cloud tools are in huge demand. Even Salesforce offers its App Cloud services for easy mobile app building basically for non-core developers. Mobile application development companies are building apps that are operating system compatible and device compatible for easy usage for all the users. Cloud technology allows faster app development even for those who don’t have core knowledge of the mobile app development methods.

    2. Wearable Gadgets
    It began with Apple watch and all the other companies followed the trend. Receiving calls, canceling calls, from recording heartbeat, pulse, GPS are some of the features that are operated via the app in the gadget connected with your mobile device. Wearable gadgets have become a style symbol too as they are made not focusing only on the functionality, but also fashion-ability.

    3. From E-Commerce to M-Commerce
    Shopping from physical stores to websites to mobile apps, things have evolved. The percentage of people buying from mobile apps is increasing. Even money transfer is done via mobile apps. Such an ease in all the tasks made mobile app building so popular and demanding job.

    4. IoT (Internet of Things)
    IoT is the second most popular child after Cloud Computing. RichestSoft, a mobile application development company, creates pleasant user-experience for the app users focusing on important business sectors. Connect different work stations in one network under one platform, monitor every activity from one place, all this is possible with Internet of Things (IoT).

    5. Advertising Apps
    In early days, advertisements in the apps were on in the banner section. But, they are covering more space. Some like it and some don’t. Video Ads, image ads and text ads are getting introduced in apps of all genres. Mobile application development company as per client’s needs leave the space for the ads so that the ads don’t interrupt the users. The experience of accessing mobile apps is no different that accessing a website now.

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