Best E-Commerce Website Trends Witnessed in 2016


    Which storekeeper doesn’t want customer? Whether it is a digital store or a physical store, without the customers it’s just an inventory. A good amount of footfall is everybody’s desire. That footfall is website traffic for e-commerce websites or e-commerce businesses, which is possible with out-of-the-box website optimization techniques. Today, we will discuss the latest trends e-commerce websites followed in 2016 for more traffic. And, these website trends are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

    1. Longer Content
    It is a big change that we noticed on e-commerce websites. A few years back, there was only title and description of the product. Now, the e-commerce websites have started including the complete specifications of the products, reviews. This is because they can insert more keywords in the content for its better ranking. And, it was the demand of the users also. They wanted to know more about the products. With longer and detailed content pieces they can find all the information under one link.

    2. Video Content
    The second in our list of e-commerce website marketing trends. If we talk about a few years back, when the internet speed wasn’t that good, people usually avoided videos. They were putting the negative impact of user-friendliness, but not now. The trend has definitely changed. With higher internet speed, people are willing to watch the video of the products. 1 minute or a 2-minute video showing the product in use are in huge demand and e-commerce websites are supplying the demand.

    3. Speed, Speed, Speed
    With larger content, images, videos of 1000s of products, your website speed tends to decrease and Google doesn’t like slow websites neither the users love such websites. This raised the need for high-speed WebPages. Website optimization and code cleaning come to the rescue. The loading time of the pages fully loaded with multimedia are getting opened in shorter time, clearly, website optimization and code cleaning did this.

    4. Mobile Marathon
    Having a website was critical for businesses, but what about a business that is based only on online? What it critical for that business apart from a website? It’s a mobile app now, for easy access to the users. The difference in mobile apps for e-commerce websites is that it not only displays information, e-commerce websites’ mobile apps allow users to buy from the app too. And, all the other information available on the websites must be available on the app also.

    5. Digital Shopping Assistant
    For better shopping experience, e-commerce websites are introducing the Digital Shopping Assistant, to track your searches, recommend items based on your search, voice search, comparisons and much more. Digital Marketing Assistants are like the guys at a store that help you in choosing the right product. Digital Marketing Assistant is the advanced version of those. Digital Shopping Assistant is in trend, but only a few websites have implemented it and those who did are having good response. If you haven’t implemented it yet, do it now.

    Next time when you visit an e-commerce website, note these trends. People miss these trends as they ease the user-experience and user only focus on his purchase and that’s what the purpose of an e-commerce website should be.

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