Basics of Online Reputation Management

Ever since the digital revolution and social media trend, marketing the brand online has become easy. It has reduced the seller-buyer gap. Companies can know from the social media and review/forum channels what the customers are thinking about their products and services and maintain their online reputation. This ease comes with a cost. The Internet has made the world transparent. And, this transparency is working in favor as well as against the companies.

Companies and their loyal customers are all putting up good things about the products and services building a good online reputation, but what about the unsatisfied customers? They are also online and they have the right to share their experiences too. One bad review or comment can ruin your reputation online. It may not affect the old loyal customers, but it affects the chances of getting new customers. So, how to tackle the situation of bad comments, bad reviews, and bad online reputation?

The Basics of Online Reputation Management


1. Win Hearts with Social Media
Social media is a strong tool to win hearts of the people. Have a content strategy that can leave a good mark of your business on people’s mind. The first step to online reputation management is winning hearts on social media channels. Connect with people via comment replies, personal posts. Treat your channel like a fun table talk spot. Gain their trust. Be interesting, playful and upbeat to stay in trend. Be the talk of the town for the good. Become a brand that is well respected online.

2. Response Time
Even after all the efforts to maintain reputation online, there’s still a room for negative comments. You can’t, you just can’t cover that room. If you receive negative comments, bad reviews about your products and services, don’t avoid or neglect them. Respond those comments in a professional way as soon as possible. The reviewer should feel that he is as important as other customers of the company. Delays in such responses damage your online reputation management process. One negative comment is missed and a long chain of such comments await you.

3. A Cool Head
ANGER is just one letter short of DANGER. Your chances of getting new customers depend on how you treat your customers online. Receiving continuous criticism online can make anybody lose its cool. But one reply in anger can result in the loss at many levels. Take it professionally and respond responsibly. If you know that the comment is fake and done by a competitor, still address it professionally. Hint: Sarcasm!

4. The Difference in Reviewer and Reputation Destroyer
Taking leverage of the openness ease, your competitors can put a negative comment about your company. Their comments don’t give you any feedback about the company. These comments are there just to destroy your online reputation management. There might be some comments with bad language, or crossing the legal limits of the online platform. Simply report them or get them removed. Don’t waste time on such comments.

5. Search Engine Optimization for the Good
If the online damage is severe and there are negative comments on multiple channels. Hire a skilled RichestSoft SEO Expert who can bring all the good stuff about you in Google’s top rankings and push down negative search results. SEO for online reputation management is like brushing the dirt off the floor and then polishing it for more shine.

Any Online Reputation Management program is based on these five pillars. The content strategy, SEO strategy, responses all are case sensitive.

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