B2B Sale Trends You Shouldn’t Miss


    The change in B2B buyer habits, the buying processes, and the newly introduced sales processes are breaking the backs of sales teams. In order to meet and beat the competition, sales teams have to gulp in the latest sales process in order to hit the set goals and convert the leads.

    The change in the sales processes begins with the buyer journey and buying habits. So, there’s nothing you can skip to learn the latest B2B sales Trends

    The Modern B2B sales process stands on the Five Pillars

    1. The Information Flow
    You, as a company, share information about your products and services and educate people via your website, social media platforms, emails, eBooks, and other marketing assets. The rest of information is accessed in the form of comments, feedback, reviews, and comparisons. Same is your competitors are doing and people can easily access that information. The culture of personally approaching a marketer or sales representatives for information is outdated.

    The one-to-one interaction with marketers and sales representatives actually come in when the B2B buyer is in the conversion stage and wants to know about the sales process he has to go through and benefits he gets choosing a particular company over others.

    The marketers and sales representatives should be skilled enough to precisely and clearly deliver the solution/offer the prospect is looking for. To do that, the marketer or the sales representatives must know the challenges the prospect is facing and the apt solution he needs. If the sales rep is able to deliver that to the prospect, the chances are that the prospect will buy the deal.

    2. No-Pushy Sales Rep
    A smart customer always asks questions about the company, services, products, after sale services, budget and others thing he wants to know. Before engaging with any sales rep, the business prospects conduct an online research themselves to see which options/solutions are available. Engaging with a sales rep at this stage will only push them on the buying platform. And, they don’t want to jump on that one quickly.

    Once the engagement with the sales rep begins, they want their questions to be answered and not to be pushed to buy services. A sales rep should educate the prospect about the solutions in order to build a trustworthy and healthy professional relationship with the prospect. Provide insightful knowledge to the prospect.

    3. Assist Prospect in Decision Making
    The availability of information in bulk sometimes confuses the prospect. And, every information source needs to be cross-checked for authentication. Not all the prospects go for that checking. That’s when they need a sales rep to clear the confusion and assist them in taking a better decision. The prospects should feel confident about the decision they are taking and that’s a job for a sales representative. The sales rep must know all the key-points of the prospect’s needs, only then he can pitch the perfect talk and help them in decision making.

    4. After Sale Satisfaction
    The story of every B2B buyer who got clouded with the pre-sale services and got dumped afterward because of the poor after-sale services. Never let that happen in your case or your business reputation will deep down in the well. Do highlight after-sales benefits and support the customer gets after he buys the products. A sales rep must follow a clear approach to explaining after sale services. You can also direct the prospect to the content source explaining the after sales support.

    5. Sales Cycle Stage Based Content Approach
    Scripted approach is old-fashioned and not recommended for the today’s B2B buyers. It is because we can’t pitch the same tone, content to all the prospects or potential leads. It decreases the credibility and trust factor. Once we know the stage in which the prospect is, we pitch him the content on that basis. That way, the right content offer is delivered for the right prospect.

    The above-mentioned 5 Pillars are not textbook or scripted. These are situation based and case-sensitive. The days of the crammed approach are gone, understanding the B2B customer, its situation, its stage is the talk of the town.

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