App Development Cost – A Complete Guide


    Developing a mobile application is no small feat. Understanding the costs associated with the process is essential for any business owner or app developer. There are many things to consider when developing an app, such as design, development, testing, and launch. Each step requires different resources, adding to the project’s final cost. 

    As of the second quarter of 2022, the Google Play Store powered over 3.5 million mobile apps globally, while the Apple App Store powered 2.2 million.

    In addition, Statista Digital Market Outlook estimates that mobile app revenue will reach $613 billion by 2025 across various segments.

    This blog post will discuss the cost of developing an app from start to finish. We will review factors affecting app development costs and tips for managing your budget. By the end of this blog, you will have a better handle on how much it will cost you to create an app.

    Overviews of App Development Cost

    The price of creating an app can vary depending on many factors, from the app’s complexity to the platform on which it is being developed. However, some general guidelines can be followed to see how much it will cost to create an app.

    The first and foremost thing to consider is the scope of the project. How complex is the app? What features will it have? The more complex your mobile app, the more expensive it will be to develop. 

    Other factors to consider include the following:

    • The platform (iOS, Android)
    • The development team (in-house or outsourced)
    • The location of the group (local or offshore).

    Generally, developing a simple app for one platform can start at around $20,000. More complex apps can range from $60,000 to $300,000 or more. And if you’re looking to develop multiple platforms, you can expect to pay even more. 

    But by considering all the factors mentioned above, you should get a good idea of how much it will cost to create your app.

    Some Popular Apps and Their Development Costs

    Popular Apps and Their Development Costs


    WhatsApp allows users to exchange messages and documents, make video and audio calls, upload photos and videos, status, send live locations, and much more. The average cost to build a messaging app like WhatsApp is between $30,000 and $80,000.

    Reels (Instagram)

    Instagram is a video-sharing app that allows users to lip-synch dialogues from movies, comedy, and music videos while reenacting their favorite moments.

    It costs between $50,000 and $120,000 to develop an app like Reels for one platform and up to $160,000 for hybrid development.


    A popular ride-sharing app, Ola connects riders and drivers. Customers can request a car instantly or on a schedule using the app. Nearby drivers receive those requests. Ola apps can cost between $40,000 and $120,000 to develop.


    Netflix is the world’s leading media streaming platform. Users can stream shows, dramas, music, and movies conveniently. A Netflix app development costs approximately between $35,000 and $200,000.

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    Factors that Impact the Cost of Creating an App

    Factors that Impact the Cost of Creating an App

    The cost of developing an app can be affected by many factors, including the app’s complexity, the platform on which it will be created, the development team’s experience and expertise, and the group’s geographical location.


    The complexity of an app is determined by its features and functionality. The more features and functionality an app has, the more complex it is and the more expensive it will be to develop. 


    The platform on which an app is developed also affects its cost. iOS apps are generally more costly to create than Android apps because iOS is a closed platform with strict guidelines, while Android is an open platform with less stringent policies. Windows apps are usually cheaper to develop than either iOS or Android apps because Windows is less popular than iOS or Android and thus has a smaller market share.

    Development team

    The size and experience of the development team can also affect costs. A larger team with more experience will often be able to develop an app more quickly and efficiently than a smaller team or one with less experience.

    Geographical location

    The development team also affects the app’s cost. An in-house team will generally be more expensive than an outsourced team because you must pay their salaries, benefits, and overhead costs. An offshore team will generally be cheaper than an onshore team because wages are lower in countries where the cost of living is lower. 

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    These are just some factors that can affect the cost of developing an app. Companies can better plan and fund their app development projects by understanding each aspect.

    Cost by country

    The cost of developing an app varies greatly depending on the country where the development work occurs. Developed countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada charge more for app development than less developed countries like India and Brazil.

    Many factors determine the cost of app development in a given country. These include the cost of living and doing business in the country, the availability of skilled developers, and the country’s tax laws.

    Generally, you can expect to pay more for app development in a developed country than in a less developed one. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, India has a large pool of skilled app developers willing to work for relatively low wages. As a result, apps developed in India can be pretty affordable.

    The best way to get an accurate estimate of app development costs in your specific case is to get quotes from several developers or development agencies in different countries. This will give you a good idea of ​​the prices you can expect to pay for your project.

    Mobile App Development Cost per hour based on location

    CountryJunior DeveloperSenior Developer
    United States$50 to $65$80 to $100
    Canada$45 to $60$70 to $90
    United Kingdom$40 to $55$65 to $100
    Brazil$30 to $45$50 to $80
    India$20 to $30$40 to $70

    The best way to get an accurate estimate of app development costs in your specific case is to get quotes from several developers or development agencies in different countries. This will give you a good idea of ​​the prices you can expect to pay for your project.

    Cost by Platform

    Several other app development platforms are available, each with benefits and drawbacks. The cost of developing an app using a particular platform will vary depending on several factors, including the app’s complexity, the size of the development team, and the specific skills and experience required.

    Native App

    Native app development frameworks such as iOS and Android tend to be more expensive than cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Flutter. This is because native apps must be developed specifically for each platform, requiring a larger team with expertise.

    Cross Platform App

    Cross-platform frameworks can be cheaper to create as they only need to be built once and can then be deployed on multiple platforms. However, they can sometimes result in apps that don’t feel relatively as smooth or polished as native apps.

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    Hybrid App

    The hybrid app combines web apps and native that works on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. However, hybrid apps can have poor performance/functionality compared to native apps and lower development costs. Hybrid apps come with multi-platform compatibility, rapid development, easy bug fixes/updates, and lower development costs.

    Progressive Web Apps

    In progressive web apps, web technologies are used to build them, but they are designed to look and function like native mobile applications. They load quickly, perform better, are offline-friendly, have mobile app-like features, and are more affordable to develop. Due to PWA apps, iOS devices have fewer functionalities, are incompatible with legacy devices, and drain the battery fast.

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    The cost of developing an app also varies depending on whether you build or outsource it to an app development agency. Building an app yourself is generally cheaper, but you or your team will require more time and effort. Hiring an app development agency can be more expensive, but it will save you time and give you access to a team of experienced professionals.

    Mobile App Development Cost based on Platform

    Platform typeAndroidiOS
    Native Apps$40,000 and $100,000$50,000 to $120,000
    Cross-platform Apps$50,000 to $70,000
    Hybrid Apps$50,000 to $70,000
    Progressive Web Apps$30,000 and $50,000

    As you can see, there is quite a range in cost when it comes to developing an app. The final price will ultimately depend on the specific platform you choose and the complexity of your project. However, by doing your research and understanding your options, you can be sure to find a platform that fits both your needs and budget.

    Cost by MVP vs App with full features

    There are two main types of app development projects: those that aim to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and those that aim to create a fully-featured app. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, and the cost of each type of project will vary depending on the client’s specific needs.

    MVP Features Apps

    MVPs are typically much less expensive to develop than full-featured apps because they focus on only the core functionality necessary for the app to succeed. This means less design and development work is required and fewer features to test and deploy. MVPs can be an excellent option for startups or businesses with limited budgets who need to get their app to market quickly.

    However, MVPs also have some limitations. Because they are focused on only the core functionality, they often lack the bells and whistles that make an app stand out. They also may not have all of the features that users want or need, which can limit their appeal. For these reasons, it’s essential to carefully consider whether an MVP is a suitable choice for your app development project.

    Full-featured apps

    Full-featured apps, as you might expect, including all of the bells and whistles. They are designed to provide users with everything they could want or need from an app, and as such, they require significantly more design and development work than MVPs. The cost of developing a full-featured app will be higher than an MVP, but the added features like chat, video streaming, filter, and effects often make it a more attractive option for users.

    App Making Cost Based on Features

    Live Streaming AppFeaturesCost
    MVP FeaturesUser Registration$2000 to $25000
    Live Streaming$3500 to $5500
    Search$2500 to $3000
    Live Chat/Comment$3000 to $4500
    Advanced FeaturesFilter & Effects$6500 to $9,000
    Private Chats$6000 to $8000
    Screen Sharing$7000 to $13,000
    Multilingual Search Filter$8,000 to $14,000

    The cost of app development projects will vary depending on whether you are creating an MVP or a full-featured app. However, regardless of which type of project you choose, it is essential to carefully consider all of the features and design elements necessary for your app to succeed.

    Different Types of Apps and Their Development Costs

    Different apps require additional development costs. A simple app with few features may cost as little as $10,000 to develop, while a more complex app with many features could cost $300,000 or more. The type of app you want to create will determine its development cost.

    Here are some different kinds of apps and their average development costs:

    1. Simple App: $10,000-$20,000.

    A simple app is one with few features and limited scope. These apps are typically developed quickly and have a lower price tag. 

    Examples of simple apps include weather apps, calculator apps, and tip calculator apps.

    3. Complex App: $100,000-$300,000+

    A complex app has many features and enormous scope. These apps can take months or even years to develop and have a very high price tag. 

    Examples of complex apps include GPS navigation systems, augmented reality applications, and voice recognition software.

    Tips for Cutting Down App Development Costs

    There are a few tips through which you can cut your app development cost. These are:-

    1. Get rid of any unnecessary features

    When it comes to cutting down on app development costs, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any unnecessary features. If there are any features that your users don’t need, get rid of them.

    2. Use open-source libraries and frameworks

    Another way to cut costs is to use open-source libraries and frameworks whenever possible. This can help you save a lot of money on development costs.

    3. Always start with MVP

    If you need clarification on whether a particular feature is necessary, you can always start with a minimum viable product (MVP) and add more features later. This can help you save a lot of money in the early stages of development.

    4. Test your app

    Always make sure to test your app thoroughly before launch. This can help you avoid costly bugs or issues arising after launch.

    5. Keep it simple

    Keep your app simple and focused on one core task or purpose. This can help you avoid any unnecessary complexity that could drive up costs.

    6. Invest in potential app development costs

    Invest in all the potential app development costs before starting the process. This includes things like hosting, design, and marketing costs.


    Q1. How much does it cost to build an app?

    A. The cost of developing an app depends on several factors, including its complexity, the number of features required, and the platform on which it will be built. Generally speaking, developing an app can range from $10,000 to $300,000+.

    Q2. What are the main factors that affect the cost of developing an app?

    A. The three main factors that affect the cost of developing an app are complexity, platform, and feature set. The more features your app is, the more expensive it will be to develop. Likewise, apps built for more popular platforms (such as iOS or Android) tend to be more expensive than those built for less popular platforms (such as Windows Phone). Finally, apps with more features tend to be more expensive than those with fewer features.

    Q3. Is there a way to reduce the cost of developing an app?

    A. There are a few ways to reduce the cost of developing an app. One way is to build a less complex app with fewer features; this will generally result in a lower development cost. Another way is to choose a less popular platform to build your app; this will also result in a lower development cost. Finally, you can negotiate with app developers or app development agencies to get a lower rate.


    App development costs can vary depending on various factors, from complexity to the type of platform and development location you’re targeting. However, there are common elements that all business owners should consider when budgeting for their projects, such as development costs, design fees, third-party APIs cost, and hosting expenses. By understanding the components involved in developing an app and getting a realistic estimate beforehand, you’ll be better able to manage your expectations when hiring a developer.

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