After Salesforce Lightning, it’s Salesforce Lightning Bolt


    Community and Portal Building Made Easier with Lightning Bolt

    Since its launch, Salesforce community cloud has gained immense popularity due to its ease of use, benefits it offers and solutions it provides. To make the overall experience even better, Salesforce has now introduced Salesforce Lightning Bolt. After the great success of Salesforce lightning, which was for developing apps in an easy way, it was time for a new addition, so the Lightning Bolt was born.

    The newest framework is bringing the next level of community building and portal building. Companies can create communities and portals in an easy way and quicker. Integrating Salesforce community, website, and CRM is easy and costs less with Lightning Bolt. Seeing the feature rich lightning Bolt, the leading partners of Salesforce have also jumped in and have announced their solutions regarding this. Deloitte, Accenture, PwC, Appirio, CloudCraze, Cognizant, magnet 360, Silverline, Cadalys have introduced their solutions via AppExchange.

    Product Wise and Companies Wise Lightning Bolt Solutions

    1. Accenture: Insurance Agents Community
    2. Accenture: Retail Store Operations Community
    3. Appirio: Retail Store Collaborations
    4. CloudCraze: Lightning Commerce Application
    5. Cognizant: Mortgage Brokers
    6. Deloitte: Manufacturing Customer Service
    7. Magnet 360: Retail Audience Engagement
    8. PwC: Supplier Marketing Community
    9. Silverline: Patient Scheduling
    10. Cadalys: Retail Store Operations
    11. 7Summits: PartnerFirst

    See, the companies are already into this thing. There will be more in the near future. Update your Salesforce and introduce lightning bolt today.

    Learn how to incorporate Salesforce Lightning Bolt into your core Salesforce Software. Get assistance regarding Salesforce Lightning or Lightning Bolt, you can talk to our Salesforce experts. Contact our Salesforce Consultants for a free consultation.

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