Some Highly-Recommended Mobile Game Development Tools


    With the advancement of technology, the number of mobile phones is also increasing day by day. Nowadays, it has become more than a calling device. As a result, mobile phones are becoming smarter day by day and mobile game development is also increasing.

     If there are millions of mobile applications available in the market, along with many other applications. Mobile game development is a major one. The best mobile app development companies in India also focusing on this trend so that they can provide advanced techniques in this gaming sector.

    The Gaming app is one of the most used apps these days. Because of the huge interest in games, mobile game development reaches at its peak in the digital market.

    Mobile has become an essential element almost for everyone.  Our life is incomplete without it. People use smartphones to perform intelligent actions and it also becomes one of the important sources of entertainment for many people.

    Back to the time, the gaming app was only part of the desktop, a game like Contra and Mario was super hit at that time. With the passage of time, desktop users are also using mobile phones to play games. This credit goes to the unpredictable growth in the mobile market. 

    Therefore, the desktop has lost its allure due to mobile phones. We can say that mobile game engines used by the developers that will help you to create a unique mobile gaming application.

    It is also true that no one can deny this fact that the game is covering almost every field.  Most of the people are amazed at the advancement in the game technology.  There are various unique features are added in this technology day by day.

    There is a huge rise in game development, all credits go to the various contributors in the gaming sector such as virtual reality and augmented reality. These two technologies have become the lifeline for game development as they’re highly appreciated by the users as well.

    Due to the advancement of the technologies, there is a huge rise in the demand for games  that are backed up by a unique and special idea for players around the world.

    This is the main reason, why best mobile app development companies are focusing on this trend for their customers worldwide.

    Right now, there are at least 2.2 billion people who are fond of games and who love to play on their phones.

    According to a report, it has been stated that the video game market working for both for Desktop and Smartphone is expected to grow up to $90 billion USD in 2020. As a result, 53% of the game developers are focused on building games for the PC and Mac while 38% of the game developers are creating games for mobile phones.

    If you are keen to make mobile games without any technical skills these tools are for you.

     Let’s discuss some of the Game development Pre Tools one by one:

    No doubt, the Game development engine is quite heavy, compound and requires skilled developers to handle all the projects as they are highly customizable and the possibilities are endless.

    Moreover, it saves a lot of time by offering many preset modules, libraries, effects, and tools as these tools are beginner-friendly with a large number of guides but still, it requires prior knowledge. It is not the task of a single person as it requires the whole development team for large projects.

    1. Unity

    Unity is a highly recommended tool for the cross-platform engine. It is mainly used to create games such as 2D and 3D.  It can be extended to support the numbers of the platforms.  This provides the fastest and easy ways to create apps by offering the required resources for it.  It is estimated that 34% of the mobile games are made with the help of this unity app.

    It’s a multi-platform solution for numerous people such as developers, artists, and designers to create the desired gaming app.


    Unity gaming engine is popular with mobile app development that C# with a 45% market share, and touches over 600 million gamers across the globe.

    Features: Its major features are:

    1. Unity engines based on the layers where numerous game objects can be set and these layers are useful for the developers to manage the scalable projects

    2.  The play mode in the integrated section to help developers to debug its project fast by running and pausing my projects anytime.

    3.  Huge asset store, plug and play with pre-built templates.

    4. Similar to other tools, its built-in-editor helps you to modify images and organize animations from the animator window, particle system and audio editing.

    Developer: Unity Technologies

    Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen

    Games:  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, Mini Metro, Super Mario Run, Temple Run, Pokemon Go and many more

    Cost Estimation:

    1. This app is free for the personal use.

    2.  Paid plans starts from $35 per month.

    3.  Personal Edition is free.

    4.  Plus  edition -$35 month

    5.  Pro edition -$125 month

    2. Unreal Engine

    Unreal Engine is the engine created by the epic games.  It is one of the best engines that works on the large sophisticated game with 3D game engine, It also offers various features such as dynamics shadows, physically-based rendering, custom-post processing, and unreal powers.

    This platform expertise to build games in the virtual reality that are supported by various platforms and operating systems with C++ and visual scripting  which is useful in the game logic quickly.

    This is designed especially for first-person shooters, MMORPGs, RPGs, fighting, and stealth games.

    Features: Its major features are:

    1.  It helps content creators and developers to provide models and art assets.

    2.  It consists of code snippets, environments, sounds and other features.

    3.   Its graphical capabilities are better than other tools.

    4.  Code written in C++

    5.   Hot reload function

    6.   Configure with AI components

    7.   High degree of portability.

    Developer: Epic Games.

    Platforms: iOS and Android.

    Games:  Infinity Blade 3, Marvel Heroes and WWE Immortals.

    Cost Estimation:

    1.No charges, free to use

    2.For commercial products having more than $3,000 per calendar quarter takes 5% royalty on gross revenue.

    3. Cocos2D

    It is also an open-source cross platform that is mainly based upon GUI software to develop a gaming apps. It has detailed documentation with proper community support and editors with sprite editor sheet during its editing in the form of font, sheet editing and tilemap editing.

    It has high efficiency; this game app can have size up to 15.MB. Due to its library existing resources, this kit is highly popular among developers.  It can work with both Swift and Objective –C and also supports X.  It also supports Android with the help of Sprite builder plug-in.

    Thus, Sprite builder is a graphical design environment where you can develop and prototype games. It also has OpenGL as a rendering engine and Cocos2D is the ultimate framework for working in multiple frameworks.

    Features: Its major features are:

    1. It has c#, C++, python, objective C, swift etc.

    2. Good capability to test your app.

    3. A vast API functionality including sprites, actions, animations, particles, transitions

    4.  Includes Audio libraries.

    5. GUI elements

    Developer: MIT License.

    Platforms: iOS, Tizen, Android and Windows.

    Games: , BADLAND, Big Fish Casino, Dragon CityCastle Clash, clash of lords 2

    Cost Estimation:

     It is totally free version

    4. Marmalade SDK

    The Marmalade SDK is a cross-platform engine is a game making tool that uses the C++ code to create amazing games. It uses a “write once, run anywhere” concept.

    Marmalade SDK also allows launching the mobile game in different stores in the shortest period of time. It includes a set of libraries, documentation, samples, and tools to simplify programming, with both 2D and 3D games development.

    Features: Its major features are:

    1. Gives high performance

    2. Open architecture

    3.  Exporter of plug-ins used in it

    4.  Support  iOS, windows and Android for its specific requirements

    5.  Test simulator

    6. It allows the graphic rendering capabilities

    Developer: Marmalade Technologies Limited.

    Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, and Blackberry.

    Games: Lara croft, Doodle Jump, Need for Speed-Shift, Plants vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope.

    Cost Estimation:

     It costs $600 per license

     Latest Trends in Mobile Game Development

    No doubt, gaming companies in India are a witness to a lot of changes in the development sector.  Back to the times, games were played on the consoles an smartphones and tablets have started the new trend. The trends are changing at a high speed and similarly the game development sector as well.

    It is highly important to be aware of the innovatory era of mobile technologies. The users are basically more familiar with mobile devices and they are using them on a daily basis. This is the main reason why people mainly use mobile applications over websites.  This is probably the major reason why users have become more fond of gaming especially mobile gaming. As a result, the top mobile app development companies in India have started to invest their time in mobile app development.

    It is also true that mobile game development is a game-changing sector. Every day new technologies have been introduced to make engaging and highly addictive mobile games.

    Let’s discuss some of the latest mobile game development trends for 2020

    Cloud gaming

    Cloud gaming is one of the top gaming trend these days. All credit goes to stable and light-fast Internet connections. With this new technology, you will be able to play numerous from any gadgets with the help of stable internet connection. It’ll be the same as streaming a video and music file online.

    The basic advantage of this innovative technology is its quick updates. You will be able to get all the updated games online without any issue. This will help to make video games more accessible and affordable to those people who do not have any access to a gaming console as  players that would be easy to play games on their PC itself.

    Renewed focus on 3D

    The gaming industry has been changed a lot with the arrival of 3D. The effects of the 3D games are directly visible in the quality of the graphics along with the complete design of the game. As for the game development, the professionals are basically learning towards the creating game that is going to form entertainment through 3D technologies.

    Handheld Consoles

    The handheld consoles have become completely obsolete in 2000s. Thus, gaming console like PlayStation and Xbox have completely replaced this handheld gaming device. There is rill an audience for the mobile gadgets those are mainly assigned to the video games concept.  Any day, player can choose any dedicated console over their smartphones and tablets. You will be amazed to know that these handheld consoles will be the most important element of the gaming technology in and after 2020.

    The gamers and the gaming technology will have quick access to intensive gameplay in the future, thanks to these handheld gaming consoles.

    The handheld game consoles in the future will be very interesting for the people who are nostalgic gamers from the older generation and for the gamers who actually want to play while moving without the disturbance of the other mobile apps on the tablets and smartphones.

    The 5G Effect

    The 5G effect will be launching in 2020.  With its arrival, the internet will bring a great revolution in cloud gaming.  The high-speed internet will prove as a life-saver for the game developer as they can experiment b with this high-quality and high-definition graphics for internet gaming.

    However, the 5G will be providing an opportunity to mobile game developers to actually experiment with cloud gaming for mobile games with the help of high-level console graphics.

    AR and VR

    As we discussed earlier, both virtual and augmented reality is likely to change the game development scenario in the impending days.  People are showing more interests in these technologies as they are making gaming app more engaging and fun activities.

    Augmented and virtual reality is certainly a multi-billion industry. There is no doubt that it will definitely be going to bring a lot of earnings to all the users of the world. Both AR and VR are completely dealing with a wide set of unique added features that will make the user experience engaging while playing games.

    Why mobile gaming is getting popular?

    The rising popularity of these games such as PUBG and Nintendo reviving and its arcade games for the mobiles has opened up definitely with the help of mobile game development avenue for the future generations.

    The handheld consoles are also making a comeback as a secondary device with help of tablets and smartphones as they are the other major contributor to the game development sector.

    The game developers will be taking chance in this sector by converting basic mobile app to the high-tech console gaming development.

    Benefits of Mobile Gaming Apps

    On the whole, there are some specific advantages offered by mobile phone games that have made them very popular in the entertainment sector. These are:

    1. Convenience

    One the main reasons why mobile phone gaming has consistently increased its popularity over the years is the convenience offered by it.  All you need to do is download a game in your mobile phone and unless you are playing in a live environment. You might not even require an Internet connection to play for this.

    The app would run on the phone’s hard drive just like any software that runs on your laptop/desktop. So you can play these games anywhere, at any time.

    Furthermore, as mobile phones are usually are pocket friendly. You can play your favorite games at any place whenever you want. It is impossible to play conventional games.

    2.  Budget-Friendly

    Most of these games are inexpensive as their price range varies from few dollars to around $20. It makes them much cheaper compared to the console games that are normally priced upwards of $ 50.

    This low price point helps mobile phone gamers to find out different types of games which is difficult in regular video scenarios. This low price also makes mobile phone games accessible to many more people.


    The inexpensiveness of mobile phone games has another major advantage that is variety. As mobile games can be produced much quickly and at lower prices than the conventional video games, developers don’t think much when it comes to trying out new ideas or concepts. After all, they don’t stand to lose much even if the experiment goes wrong! Resultantly, you need to find a mobile phone games to be more creative than the PC or console games.

    This also enables tiny designer firms to compete with big gaming corporations, on the same field. Hence, the low production cost not just allows for variation in the games, you get to see far more diversity in the market too.


     In this article, we learned that game development has changed a lot with the advancement of technology. Nowadays we need mobile game development tools that strive to develop a that falls in the parameters that need practical knowledge in various aspects.  If you are a beginner then you can easily use these drag and drop with any coding knowledge.

    The above-mentioned tools are highly recommendable by the developers. Thus, you can choose the best tool according to your requirements.  If you are also interested to make a creative and unique mobile game, consult the top mobile app development companies in India to get the optimal results.

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