Accelerated Mobile Pages: The HTML Tags and Ad Network Components


    Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages Project in February this year. In October 2015, Google made the announcement of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

    What is AMP?
    AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework designed to load mobile pages fast. It is an open source framework that is easy for publishers to use. Publishers can easily improve speed and ultimately give a better user experience without compromising the functionality and ad revenue. AMP allows easy performance optimizations without the assistance of hardcore developers. AMP is an alternate to the intense and heavy code cleanup that only core developers could do to achieve high-speed mobile pages.

    Three Basic Parts of an AMP

    1. AMP HTML: You can easily adapt your existing HTML Pages to Amp HTML. It just requires knowledge of regular HTML language and compulsory markup. See the required Markup list.

    2. AMP JavaScript: Google introduced AMP JavaScript as no third party JavaScript will be allowed with AMP. AMP JavaScript is specifically available for mobile pages only. It oversees asset handling and offbeat loading.

    3. AMP CDN: CDN – Content Delivery Network picks your AMP-enabled pages, cache them and makes some performance optimizations.

    How to Make Your Site AMP-friendly?
    Any page you want to make AMP-friendly needs to have two versions of it. The regular or the original version will stay as it is and an AMP-friendly page after applying AMP HTML tags to the original code.

    See the HTML tags that need to change.



    Read More on HTML Specifications

    About AMP Ads
    Ads in AMP are loaded the same way as all other resources in AMP documents. Using a special custom element . No JavaScript provided by ad networks are allowed to run in the AMP document. The needs specific width and height values like all resources in AMP. Some of the most famous ad networks are presently using the extended component such as Amazon A9, Google AdSense, AOL AdTech, Google Doubleclick, DotAndAds, Smart AdServer, Yieldmo, etc. Here, you can see the complete list of the ad networks

    AMP Analytics
    The advancement made in analytics for AMP if the good move by Google. The old method of multiple tracking that slowed down the site has gone. The element measures and sends the data to the analytic server. Its is quicker, loads faster and doesn’t make the site heavy.

    An official Automatic/WordPress plugin is available which you can use on your WordPress website. Install, verify and makes changes the way you want in your Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin.

    If you need any assistance in AMP setup and tweaking, just contact RichestSoft’s web developers.

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