ABM, Audit Trail, and much more in Marketo’s Latest Product Suite


    Marketo’s Latest Product Suite holds high potential for the Marketo marketers. New weaponry has arrived in the inventory and Marketo Automation Software users are excited about it. Let us showcase about what’s new in the collection.

    Marketo’s latest introduction in their marketing automation software is ABM – Account Based Marketing. And, this new ABM focuses on bringing the Sales and Marketing teams together. Before we reach there, you can read our last blog post which is on Understanding the differences between sales and marketing. Click on the footer image to read that blog.

    Audit Trail: With Audit Trail, you can access the complete history of Marketo Accountability, subscription, security and admins. It further tells you who has worked on the platform, what was been accessed and when it was accessed.

    Vibes SMS Feature: SMS messages created within your Marketo Platform can now be taken into the cross-channel campaigns with Vibes (LaunchPoint Partner).

    Branding Multiple Domains: Holding multiple domains for your business website? Now, promote it using Marketo’s multiple domain branding with ease. Send the right email, with the right message from the right domain.

    Delays: The word doesn’t sound marketing-friendly, but sometimes a slight delay in the message depending on the market condition does the work. This is what Web Personalization Delays do for you. You can set the time delay to pitch perfect your message at the right time.

    Program Tokens: User can make changes in Marketo from an external device or system using lesser API calls.

    Marketo Marketers at RichestSoft seemed pretty happy about these features and are ready to share the knowledge. You can connect with our Marketo consultants if you have any query about Marketo Marketing Automation Software.

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