A Website Maintenance Checklist To Go Through Before Making Changes

Just like changes the oil in the car, and getting a hair cut after developing excess growth, deducting and implementing features on the website is like maintaining to enhance the durability. Like changes in lifestyle, there are changes in technology as well, which we need to implement to stay in the competition and enhance website existence durability. But do you know how to maintain your website properly and after a decided period

Website maintenance is essential to maximize the return and earn the profit. This is the reason why there are several maintenance plans available these days, one of them is based on monthly changes that not only suggest new arrivals but also find out improvement area on the website. If you just have developed website, it is essential to know you that what kind of marinate you need to do for it, with this checklist you can get some ideas

Backups of Website

It is essential to confirm that database and file backup should be performed on the weekly basis. You will have to check that backups are stored off site. You can restore the backup at least once every six months to ensure the validity.

Update the Software
Apply available security patches on your website for any software; it relies including CMS, e-commerce cart, and PHP. It is better getting the information of noncritical software update and check if they are worth applying.

Search Engine Optimization
All professional web development company also use the technique of Search engine optimization by getting detail from the website they present the tutorial of SEO services. This technology does not allow your website to show duplicate content. Also, recognize those references which can bring traffic to your site.

Google analytic dashboard creation is also important to highlight essential metrics for the website. Check the trends online for key metrics.

If your site accepts comments and the feedback of users, keep checking spam and develop the right functionality for presenting the feedback.

Website Functionality
Testing of the functionality is very essential that includes filling out the contact form, checkout form as well as signup. Also, check if everything is working fine. The checklist is the starting point that helps to know what your website need.
Since it requires time and efforts but is very fruitful, that can be evaluated during progress output.
Additionally, Weekly Website Checklist to check at personal level

Check if there is issue in uploading pages on front end

Backup performed and stored regularly.

Use updated CMS software and plugins.

Form evaluation to check workability.

Remove spam content regularly; it is beneficial for website functionality.

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