9 Quick Online Reputation Management Tips

Every businessman wants good web presence online in the form of positive feedback, positive reviews, and positive comments, but from the pipeline where positive things show up, the negative promotion also sneaks. Here are a few quick tips that will help any business of any genre maintain his online reputation.

Your negative promotion can be done via negative comments, negative feedback, negative reviews. To beat these you need positive content, positive feedback, positive comments, positive reviews for your business.

1. Have a Website
You can start by having a website and display your service offerings, list testimonials from happy clients that maintain your goodwill online.

2. Have a Blog
Your negative reviews come up when an individual searches a specific keyword. You need to write positive content using the same keyword and publish them in a blog. This is done to bring the blog with positive talk up and push down the negative feedback links down.

3. Be Active on Social Profiles
Active businessmen on social profiles take the limelight. People get attached to such personalities and don’t easily trust anything said against them.

4. Remove Negative Links
This you can do by contact the webmaster of the website where the negative comment is posted. Explain your case, your side of story politely. If the webmaster finds it genuine, he will remove the negative. However, there is thin chance of the link removal, but there is a chance and you have to take it.

5. Don’t entertain negative Comments
The thumb rule: If you engage with a negative comment, it will only increase it’s ranking. Don’t visit such pages again and again. Don’t tell your side of the story there. This way you will make it famous. You can reply to negative comments on social media channels.

6. Get Your Website Listed on Industry Platforms
Getting your website listed on the industry specific platforms increases credibility and goodwill.

7. Join Communities
Community trend has gone to new heights in the past years. Being an active member of your business niche works in your goodwill and favor.

8. Run SEO Campaign for your Website
Your website SEO campaign must focus on bringing your website’s pages on search results on the keywords that show negative results when searched.

9. Reach out Happy Customers
While the unhappy customers and employees leave negative comments, feedback, and reviews, you reach out to your happy customers, satisfied employees to put positive reviews from their end. Outnumber the negative reviews with the positive reviews.

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