8 Must-Haves for your Corporate Website Design


    Your company is not the first one in its genre. The industry niche is the same, your services are the same, still, you have to look unique on the net. Maintaining that uniqueness and brand power online makes corporate website design and development a crucial task and it’s not an easy one. Whether it is a small business website design and development task or for the large businesses, the process depends on upon the goal of the business. What the business owner wants to achieve online with a website?

    Above all, a corporate website design is customer-centric. All good web development agencies delivering web development services of high standards evaluate the website on these parameters.

    1. The Uniqueness
    USP is the first thing to build upon. The whole idea of presentation of a corporate website revolves around that uniqueness. The uniqueness is built upon “Why customers should Buy from you?” it could be anything. Price, a service policy, the customer delight methods, it could be anything. Don’t worry if it isn’t easy to find the USP because it really isn’t easy to find, but you have to.

    2. Offerings
    We don’t want to mention, but there are still some websites that confuse the visitor. We are still not sure what exactly their services are. In order to achieve uniqueness, they completely went off track and chose a complex corporate website design with uninteresting content. The race of beating the competition lead them to the complex website completing forgetting that your corporate website is not competitor-centric, but customer-centric.

    3. Contact Information
    Usually, the small business website designs do not contain the physical address lines. Startups usually are home-based. The risk of hindrance doesn’t let them reveal their address or phone number. They just communicate via an email address.
    To build trust and credibility of your small business, you must mention the physical address and the phone number.

    4. The Trophy Shelf
    Those who win show their trophies by building a trophy shelf in their home. You need such a shelf on your website. A dedicated page for past projects, testimonials, any awards won, anything that brings value to your website must be listed on the website. And their snippet must be there on the home page of your corporate website design.

    5. SSL (Security Socket Layer)
    SSL encryption is for the protection of your website if it involves any kind of money transaction from the user’s end. This keeps the user information such as credit card number, address, phone number, safe and secure. And, share this information on your business website that transactions through your website are secure.

    6. Easy Navigation
    Not only corporate business websites but all websites must have easy navigation. A user should have easy pathway towards what he is looking for.

    7. Not Just Sell, But Educate
    Even the e-commerce websites that are built to sell products first educate the visitor about the product. The tips and tricks, the How-To articles, the process of using the services, benefits, information in any what that benefits the user must be there for their access. A good web development company will always keep the space for such content in your corporate website design.

    8. Feedback
    By allowing the users/visitors/customers/clients top give feedback about your products and services, you can know how your products and services are performing in the market. Have a feedback form in your corporate website design.

    Some of the common things that not only corporate websites should have, but fit for all the websites.

    Clear call to action, FAQ, responsiveness, secured hosting, social media integration, etc.

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