7 Takeaway Internet Marketing Stats from 2016


    It was clear that 2017 will be the year of digital marketing. We witnessed its glimpse of it in the year 2016. We are almost three weeks into 2017 and the predictions have already started to prove us right. Check out the below mentioned noticeable stats from the year 2016 that will help you shape your marketing plans for the year 2017.

    1. 94% of the marketers used Linkedin in their core content marketing strategy. Twitter came second with 87% share of the marketers. Facebook got 84%, 74% goes to YouTube, and 62% went to Google+.

    internet marketing stats

    2. 63% of marketers used infographics. 64% of digital marketers claim that video marketing got them more sales and increased ROI.

    3. Personalized emails are the future. 78% of the marketers have already shifted to personalized emails and have started to reap its benefits. Here’s our complete post on email marketing including sample subject lines and email body text. Using personalization in emails, the marketers have able to generate maximum ROI out of all the marketing strategies.

    4. Overall, Internet Marketing has taken over traditional marketing medias (T.V., Radio, Newspaper). The segmented share of various internet marketing plans are as follows
    Global impact and ROI wise Email Marketing leads the way with 26% with SEO following the way with 17%, paid search held 15% share, Display Advertisements and Social Media share 5% each.

    internet marketing stats

    5. 80% of the marketers say that the engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments) are the most crucial ones to judge the success of the social media marketing campaign.

    6. If we talk about analytic reporting, then individual social media platforms lead the way. 65% Marketers like to see Facebook’s insights, Twitter analytics and so on. 62% marketers voted for Hootsuite, Google Analytics came third with 59% voting.

    internet marketing stats

    7. 79% of the digital marketing spend in 2016 focused on marketing assets for mobile. This is because 83% of mobile users want to have a flawless experience on all mobile devices. And, 57% of the users won’t recommend a business that has a bad mobile website.

    These are key takeaways from digital marketing vault of 2016. To implement these in your marketing strategy in 2017, consult with an expert internet marketing consultant.

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