7 Reasons Why Good Design Is Important to Your Business


    Having a good product design is as important as having a good web design. We explain why.

    You have probably heard millions of times that good design is essential for every business. But why is good design important?

    Let’s first see what makes a good design. In simple terms, there is an intangible value to a good design. It’s much more than making potential customers remember your brand or reduce your bounce rate. Good design echoes professionalism, competence and passion. When it comes to your business or your e-commerce, your design is what speaks on your behalf when you can not speak to customers yourself.

    Now, let’s take a closer look at why good design is important.

    1. Good Web Design = Good Market Value + Consumer Confidence

    Your website is the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. When a visitor accesses your website, a glance can turn the visitor into a customer or push that person to click.

    Again, a good website design is not limited to the look of the website, it also emphasizes the usability of the website. Thus, a good website design must not only have style and also communicate smoothly with users in terms of functionality.

    On the other hand, a poorly designed website interferes with the user’s experience and tends to reduce the feeling of trust. Thus, we can say that a poor interface design often leads to rejection.

    As an example, let’s take the case of Dropbox. Let’s see what his web design impact:

    The design of his website is simple and straight to the point. The home page supports a simple but powerful subtitle that allows users to discover what Dropbox really does at a glance.

    In addition, the design of its homepage uses a lot of white space, a broad and relevant image with supportive content and a compelling call to action that says “Try for free for 30 days”.

    2. Product design

    Product design is an integral part of product marketing and that is what differentiates your brand from others. To sell your product effectively, you need a compelling product design.

    Product design refers to how you present the features and benefits of the product to consumers. A good product design can give you an edge over your competitors.

    And for good reason, many people make product decisions based on product design, especially when they have a lot of options in terms of choice. Your product must compete with many products on the market with the same features and benefits, but better product design can make your product more salable and stand out.

    A simple change in product design can increase or decrease the sale of your product. For example: desktops and laptops represent two different product designs for the same end product – personal computers. However, as we have seen in recent years, desktop sales have declined significantly, while laptops are gaining more market share. All of this is the result of a simple change in product design.

    Let’s take for example some products unquestionably great signed Apple; First the release of the iPhone in 2007, followed by iPad a few years later and recently iPad mini in 2012. All Apple products are an example of great products. These products are pleasing to the eye, easy to use and have unique features.

    3. Good product packaging = Increased sales

    Here we can go back to the old adage that “a book is judged by its cover” in the same way that your product is judged on the basis of its packaging design. Although many consumers may not fully judge a book by its cover, they certainly make a quick judgment about the product based on the design of the package.

    A good packaging design can change the perception of your product. Even a minor change can make a huge difference in how a product is perceived and consumed by your customers. Thus, you must make calculated design decisions when it comes to product packaging.

    Some leading companies in the field of custom packaging, suggests that an excellent packaging design is the mix of an attractive design and a clear brand message. An attractive design catches the attention of your target audience while the brand message provides relevant information about your product.

    When a product is kept on a shelf or suspended on a support, it is in competition with several other products, here, the design of the packaging is what distinguishes it. A good packaging design creates an emotional connection with the public and persuades the consumer to buy it.

    The new packaging of Smirnoff Caipiroska (a Brazilian drink) is an excellent example of good packaging design. To launch the new fruit flavors of this drink, the company has created bottles using the texture of the fruit to show different flavors like berries, lemon and passion fruit. This product design was a hit with consumers as they could enjoy the unique experience of peeling a drink made of fruit.

    4. A good design makes your brand memorable

    Right now, good design is not an option but rather an essential part of building the brand. Design techniques such as the use of a predominant or lively color, a unique layout, a refreshing concept, are all elements of design that can trigger an emotion, a memory in the mind of your audience and make your brand memorable.

    Once again, good design creates a consistent visual language and establishes an instant connection to your products, services and offers.

    On the other hand, poorly designed branded material, be it your company logo, your business card, your brochures, etc., represents an unprofessional image of your business and repels people.

    5. The design makes a good first impression

    According to a ProBlogger study, designers have only 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. There are thousands of products, services and brands that compete to attract the attention of customers, which distinguishes them is good design. Good design is like the first handshake you have with a potential customer. Was it warm and friendly, was it firm or professional?

    A good design is like the first handshake you have with a potential customer that allows you to decide whether you want to continue this meeting in the future or not. Was it warm and friendly, was it firm or business?

    6. Good design ensures your content remains user-friendly

    Good design goes beyond appealing aesthetics, is powerful and drives conversions. The design maintains user-friendly content in several ways such as:

    Before a visitor reads your content, a good design communicates with them. It guides users where their eyes should go first on a page and highlights important information where the reader needs to spend more time.

    Makes use of typography, various font sizes so that messaging is presented in a powerful way. In addition, it reinforces the message in context with interesting images and colors.

    In other words, the design acts as a translation service that simplifies the complex language, be it data, software capabilities, information, etc., translating them into a format that is easier to digest and understand.

    7. Mobile application design

    With more than a million different applications on the market, competition in the application market is fierce. The best way to differentiate your application is by design. The first thing users notice in an app is its creative design. Before users download an app, test it, or discover the features, the initial visual impression is the first thing they notice. Thus, having a good mobile app design acts as a building block of your marketing.

    Designing a mobile app involves what it looks like in its interaction design. The interaction design consists of user interface (UI) design and user experience design (UX) that aim to provide a seamless user experience and satisfy customer needs. Thus, designing your mobile application is essential to determine the ultimate success of your application. For this reason, you need to hire the Best mobile application development companies in India

    On all their social platforms, all their images and messages follow a coherent concept. For this reason, the brand has been able to collect an impressive number of subscribers. Once you start noticing their page, you’ll realize that their design is so catchy and consistent that if you see and recognize their shared message in your news feed or elsewhere.

    Before taking the plunge, we inform you that the first thing that catches the attention of the user is the visual appeal of your page on social networks. So, they were able to make their mark memorable with good design by the help of Top web designing companies in India. I hope you have no doubt about the power of good design on social networks. To know more you can contact us as we have the team of experts to assist you.

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