7 Key Factors that will shape the mobile app development in 2019


    With the advancement of technology, the mobile app development has become more efficient to produce better results for the difficult challenges and the complexities of the modern business times. In 2016, 65 percent of traffic has come from mobile devices. By 2018, this figure had reached 52.6% till date.

    Gone are the days of relying on app developers to create the design and then complete the development. They are not the right resources to create a design and user experience that will resonate with your users. Additionally, most development companies and consultancies like yourselves at Celerity do not keep app designers on staff or you contract out to a handful of regulars.

    It is essential that top mobile app development companies in India planned app which is chosen from a number of independent designers or agencies to design the application. Each designer will have their own style, often skewing towards consumer or enterprise and will have a portfolio of apps to show that can help you make the decision on who or which company is best.

    Enterprise-grade applications are helping people get technically empowered to take on global business challenges and create empires on dependable tech solutions. But, still, there is a lot more in the store that will helps in 2019.

    Let’s discuss them one by one:

    Internet of Things

    Due to the advent of technology and the changing demands of business and people, the Internet of Things (IoT) has come and provided the best facilities to make people’s life easier.  All organizations connect the power of smart technologies and sensors fixed in the user devices like mobile phones as well as other customer durables.

    Thus, the inter-networking of smart devices would play an important role in taking eCommerce to the next level. Smart cities and homes are the main future of today’s generation. It is a network of the physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity. These elements enable objects to collect and exchange data without any human interaction. Predictions for IoT growth are explosive. This is game-changing tech and incredibly exciting space.

    There is no doubt in it, that AI is the buzzword these days. It is estimated that approx. 20 billion IoT devices will be connected to AI by 2020. Thus, more technology will be connected to the web and it will be handled by smart devices like smartphones.  Smart homes and smart cities are its biggest examples. It is widely used in healthcare, autonomous vehicles and enterprises to enhance their products, process and working procedures.  This year is the breaking year for the IoT things.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence and machine learning support the mobile app development to the next level and it is ready to make the strongest impact. In the coming year, businesses will be more open to using reliable technologies such as Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in complex to primitive operations. Some of the functions that are most likely needs revolutions with these technologies are data collection and analysis.

    Machine learning and AI make it easy for the enterprise to interpret the patterns and create more comprehensive solutions. Integrating these technologies into mobile app development allows you to provide out-of-the-box personalized and individualized experience on mobile applications. Other than that they are equally efficient in churning business automation and bringing convenience in the whole process.

    Artificial Intelligence is helping the human race in many ways and they all are doing great things to achieve bigger targets.  Artificial Intelligence is making a machine that can replicate human behavior by providing the ability of reasoning, decision making capability and prediction. With Microsoft Pix, SwiftKey AI and Hound, we are seeing just how powerful AI is proving to be in the mobile app space.

    With the help of AI, machines can do the same things that humans can do, but in the effective and efficient manners. As a result, various top mobile app development companies also start working with this technology to provide efficient and accurate results. Machine learning and deep learning concepts are used to train the machines.

    Interactive Mobile App Development Services

    As we all know, mobile app development companies are gaining popularity day by day. We have various researchers that have proven the era of interactive mobile applications.  Interactive mobile app development requires for the security and more integrated experience.

    From AI to  IoT, blockchain and wearable technology all are serving their purpose to make mobile applications more attractive. The expertise of the technology domain knows the importance of interactive app experiences. Thus, if in recent time, you must inquire hard about technologies, your needs and various features of technology before you hire app developer.

    Trends related to the Security

    No doubt, mobile apps hack by hackers and cybercriminals easily. Thus, it is important to have secure mobile apps for the growth of the business. Every top Mobile App Development company has already started to gear up to bring more innovation and secure solutions, especially in B2C applications.

    To overcome these issues in mobile apps, it is better that mobile app development services hardwire with the latest technologies such as AI, ML and deep learning to detect and prevent any security breach. Other than that, techniques such as facial recognition, encryption, the blockchain, and other technologies are going to be a vital part of the mobile app development process to enhance security.

    Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

    The Virtual Reality describes the online virtual world, whereas Augmented Reality assists as a game changer. The success story is of the popular Pokémon GO game is its biggest example. The experts across the globe state that by 2020,  the overall revenue of VR and AR will be $150 billion. Let’s discuss them one by one:

    Augmented Reality

    It explains the Real-time meaning of the product to the customers.Also, It helps to provide detailed visualization of the product and services to the client. It provides training to their employees in a realistic way.

    The overview of Google Translate with AR supports the person to examine and take the snap of the text. People can then use the app to develop the translation done line wise.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality offers real-time experience in gaming and other fields. It promotes the product and services using the visual content. It is necessary to understand the actual use of the products to use 3D vision. They are highly useful in virtual showrooms and gaming. It also helps to promote business brands and its marketing.

    Mainly this technology uses in casino games, live company and other kinds of games in the gaming industry. Therefore, in the coming few years, this sector will dominate all other sectors.

    Wearable is highly in demand

    Wearable technology is also highly in demand these days. There is no need to introduce this technology as everyone is aware of it. You just need to hire the app developer to build this app successfully. The market is exploding, consumers are looking forward to more wider and enriched experiences and hence Wearables.

    Wearable has gained a lot of popularity from the last few years and this growth is continuing this year too. Interactive and innovative wearable app solutions will be transforming the face of app development, with it technology domain will receive a lot of exponential growth and it will be good for both Android and iOS app developers to leverage better business benefits.

    Block Chain Technology

    Blockchain has gained huge hype from the last few years due to its tremendous help to create the crypto-currency. Blockchain seems a strong suit in enhancing the security and improving business automation, BlockChain will be found useful in the BFSI sector. In the future, blockchain technology will be merged with Artificial Intelligence and AR which allows creating more immersive app skills which are more secure than before. If you are looking forward to mobile app development in this sector, then this technology will definitely be fruitful to inspire a secure solution. You can expect a lot of use of the technology in mobile app development services in coming years.


    With the advent of technologies, new mobile apps are emerging these days with tremendous speed. As the numbers of technologies are evolving each year, its time to get bigger advancements into your enterprise toolsets to depend on superior technology. IoT and AI technologies are highly in demand and these technologies overcome almost every sector. Therefore, the best mobile app development companies in India are focusing on these technologies these days.

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