7 Bad Marketing Automation Habits to Leave Right Now


    Types of Marketing Automation Tool Users

    • Who buy Marketing Automation Tool, but doesn’t know how to use it. Such clients hire consultants to guide them through the software. This is the common scenario and nothing to be ashamed of.
    • Buy Marketing Automation Tool and automate everything without any consultation. Using own cleverness and sabotaging the whole operation.
    • Buy Marketing Automation Tool, try their hands on each functionality just by reading a little bit of each functionality of the software. Feeling shy to ask for consultation?

    As Marketing automation consultants, it becomes our responsibility to guide the customers to stop them automating everything or following wrong practices. Here is the list of bad habits that most of the Marketing Automation users follow. And, these habits need to be stopped right away.

    1. Not Reviewing the Analytic
    Planning and implementation are the initial building blocks of any marketing campaign. Most of the companies make the mistake and stick to this only. They don’t go ahead to review the results, changes needed, and the reports of the implemented plans. All these are important to build the 2nd or 3rd stage marketing plan.

    2. Automate this, Automate that, Automate everything!
    Get out of the automated zone. The marketing automation allows you automate the processes. This doesn’t mean you should automate everything. If it allows you to automate the processes, it also gives you freedom to personalize some process, which is equally essential. Don’t automate the tasks that need customization/personalisation.

    3. A/B Testing, but still not A/B Outcomes
    Again, as in planning process, only initial stages are focused and the later ones are completely missed. Same goes with the A/B testing. Companies test, test and test different elements of emails, landing page, social media plans, but only a few take the results seriously and implement the changes in their plan. Rest all go with the hit and trial method. Even if you consult with good marketing automation consultants for the elements to test in A/B testing, you still have to implement the changes you see in the results of the testing.

    4. Still Scripted Approach
    There is no substitute for hard work. And, when it comes to approaching to the client, you got to make the efforts and the efforts should be based on the position of the customer in the marketing and sales process. You can just can’t, repeat, YOU JUST CAN’T pitch the similar message to all the customers. It’s old fashioned and doesn’t give you good results.

    5. Call-to-Action
    When we say put CTA button, we all go for the bottom position. Even in this blog, the CTA is at the bottom. It is because this is a blog, not an email or landing page. For emails and landing pages, place your CTA where the reader’s eye goes the first. For more accuracy, run A/B testing.

    6. It’s a landing page, not a website!
    Putting website navigation in the landing page is a BIG NO. We have seen marketers pushing for “I want to show this, and this, and this and a little bit more on the landing page”. Stop doing that. Keep it focused, tight and to the point. Don’t display your whole website on the landing page. It’s a single page, not a complete website! Consult with RichestSoft Marketing Automation Consultants for best landing page creation practices.

    7. Send emails… to everyone on the list!
    Simply putting, by doing so you are just decreasing your credibility by pitching the same content to everyone. If you want to send every email to everybody in the database, why use Marketing Automation then? Email List Segmentation comes into play here. Learn more about it from our marketing automation consultants.

    Quit these habits now and see the change by yourself. We are always and always there for you as your dedicated consultants. We do not want to see you wasting your investment in such a good software. We want you to make full of your investment. So, don’t wait or hesitate! Share your query with RichestSoft’s Marketing Automation Consultants.

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