6 Steps To Test, Optimize And Analyze Your Facebook Ads


    Although FaceBook ads are one of the most used digital marketing options today, there are still general doubts about how to optimize FaceBook advertising. If you are one of these people, the following 6 tips can help you if you are starting your marketing campaign, or if you already have it advanced, but you have not obtained the desired results. FaceBook Ads are an excellent tool to get leads and conversions and these tips will be of great help, so you get the most out of it.

    Let’s go to the list of steps that will help you optimize ads on FaceBook and grow your business:

    Establish a target audience

    To know how to optimize advertising on FaceBook, the first step you must follow is to define a target audience. As a general rule, you cannot know what kind of ad will work, if you do not have a clear idea of ​​the person who is going to see it. To identify your target audience, you should have an idea of ​​their age, place of residence, educational and cultural level, whether they are men or women and whether they are married or not. Different audiences will respond to different stimuli according to different needs. But you should keep in mind that defining the target audience is a trial and error process, and once you have a sketch, it’s time to find out if you’re right.

    Create audience niches

    Even in the same target group, there are differences between users. That you know these differences, is crucial when optimizing ads on FaceBook. You can create audience niches in categories such as desktop users, leads through email, likes received in the ad, people who have responded or shared the ad, those who saw a video ad, frequent buyers and those who have more of five interests in common. This way, your ads will be better targeted and they are much more likely to perform well.

    Analyze the features

    Once you have your target audience separated into niches, now it’s time to use the FaceBook tools to know if your idea of the audience really relates to the true audience. To achieve this, you must launch your ad campaign and wait to get some buyers. When you have a good amount, go to the FaceBook bulletin board and click on the buyers tab. Analyze demographic, gender and other data. The more buyers you have, the tool will return more accurate data. Is that data similar to what you had on paper? If so, you are ready to optimize FaceBook ads.

    Compare data between audience niches

    As in the previous step, you can analyze the data according to the audience niches you previously defined. Which of these niches has responded better to your ads? Based on this question, you should discard some niches and increase the focus you put on others. Only then you will make your ad campaign really effective and investing in more creative and personalized ads will become a possibility.

    Create and test multiple versions of the same ad

    After setting the audiences, you have completed the most important step of ad optimization. There are still things to be tuned. Create different ads for each audience to make your ads more relevant to the user and increase the chances of making a lead or conversion. Doing this is not very difficult because the variations do not have to be very significant. The FaceBook tool platform allows you to create up to 50 ads per campaign, take advantage of this to see which are the best performers and keep creating similar ads.

    Never stop analyzing the results

    Optimizing FaceBook ads for an advertising campaign is a never-ending process. Although you already have your established campaigns and a solid presence in the market with attractive and relevant ads, there will always be changes in the data you collect. This is because advertising moves by trends, and the field of digital marketing requires adaptation.

    But do not worry, adapting and changing is much easier when you have a team of expert to do the job for you, so wait no more and visit RichestSoft.

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