6 Creative & Personal Approaches for successful Email Marketing Campaign

Almost every email marketing solutions provider offers the basic features; creating, editing, managing, sending, tracking, success measuring of email marketing campaign and a couple of more features to separate them from the competition. Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, you name and they’ll have it.

Marketing Automation Software give you the tools to bring your plans into action. If your plans are not effective or measurable, then having these tools won’t make much a difference in your actions. So, what is that in email marketing campaigns that need focus.

It’s time to think beyond Open Rates and Click-Through-Rates!

1.It’s Email Marketing, not an Assembly Line
Don’t pack every product the same way as done on the assembly line and don’t send similar emails in bulk. Your email recipient is a single person who is at some point in the buying cycle! You have an opportunity to interact with him personally via email. So, keep it that way – personal. And that you can do by maintaining relevancy. And, relevancy is maintained by knowing their interests from their personas. A good Marketing Automation consultant can tell you the personal approach you should opt as per your business niche.

2. What to Pitch
Before sending the emails to the potential prospects, see the website pages they visited or a specific product they viewed. Pitch the same product on the email. This is why the individual approach is important than bulk approach. Not all prospects in the list go for the same product, so the similar mail shouldn’t be sent to all of them. Marketers do this mistake and when they don’t see the results in their email marketing campaigns, they blame their Marketing Automation Software. If you keep pitching similar content to all, then no marketing automation software such as Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot can help you.

This would help you in sending one email to multiple prospects. There may be people who searched the same products. You can pitch similar mail to them via your marketing automation software. Other segmentation metrics you can work on are demographics, lead source, industry, email click, downloaded offer, etc. You can set as many segmentation metrics as you can for your convenience. If you don’t know how to segment the parameters for your email marketing campaign, consult our marketing automation consultants. Our consultants can guide you in Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, InfusionSoft or Act-On so that you can use your marketing automation software to the best of its ability.

4.Don’t Automate Creative Strategies
Marketing Automation software allow you to automate the processes to run your email marketing campaign successfully. This doesn’t mean that you should automate every task. Automate only those tasks that are time consuming and doesn’t need customization. Take help of our marketing automation consultant to know which tasks should be automated and which need customization. Our certified consultants follow the best inbound marketing strategies to implement in the marketing automation software. We offer consultations for Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, InfusionSoft and Act-On.

5.Prioritize Deliverability
Don’t ignore this metric. All the creative approaches and marketing efforts in email marketing via marketing automation software will go waste. The purpose of all the efforts is to reach in the inbox and get it opened. Testing your email for multiple elements will assist in deliverability.

6.Measure the Test Results
If you are not measuring the testing results in your email marketing campaign, then your testing will turn into just guessing, which is not professional. Moreover, choosing Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, InfusionSoft Act-On or any other marketing automation software and treating the testing as just guessing, then you are wasting money on these software.

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