5 Ways to Improve Performance of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Why is it so important to improve your email marketing?

Can my current email marketing stats need improvement?

Email marketing, throughout the years, has stayed as one of the most efficient ways to communicate with prospects, converting them into customers, and increasing sales and revenue.

The data generated in email marketing such as CTR Click-Through-Rates, Open Rates, and Spam Complaints is used to evaluate the performance of an email marketing campaign.
A marketing campaign giving you so much needs a special attention and demands improvements if you wish to take full advantage of Email Marketing.

1.Get Your Email List Filtered Regularly
Fake emails and hard bounces hamper your email marketing campaign like nothing else does. To avoid that, run your email contact list through a verification process. This will make sure that you are working with a genuine list. Those fake emails are better off your contact list.

2. Customization
Personalizing each email is the key. It begins simply with addressing the recipient directly by his/her name. It’s enough to get attentions. Those who wish to go further is personalization can go through the details of the contact to pitch even more personal message to get recipient’s attention.

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3. Emojis in Subject Line
This is the latest one trending in email subject line section. Your email subject line is the first thing the recipient will see. So, don’t make compromises there. Write it in a way to make the recipient click on it. Nowadays, business and corporate Emojis are available which you can insert in the subject line to make it more attractive. So, make full use of it, but don’t overdo it.

4. Testing
You can test your emails based on the length and style of the subject line. The placement of call-to-action button, the deployment times, and others. Read our full coverage on Elements to Test in A/B testing for Better Performance of Marketing Campaigns

5. Segmentation
See the stats flying high in all aspects by segmenting your email list. This allows you to send a relevant message to your contacts, which increases the chances of open rate and responses as it helps you deliver exactly what the subscriber wants.

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