5 Things Google Changed in Text Ads Expansion Test


    The new expanded text ads test is conducted by Google because of the rise of mobile user-base. Search queries from the mobile are increasing day by day so Google decided to optimize the ad lengths for the mobile users. Longer ads headline in PPC Ad Campaigns means more message to deliver, more words to write in the ad. And in this quest of optimizing ads for mobile users, around 6 months prior to this change, Google introduced another change in which it ended the right side page ads services.

    The Changes That Google Introduced

    1. Character Wise, Lengthwise, Display Wise, the expansion is 50% of the original ads
    2. One 25-Character Headline increased to two 30-Character Headlines.
    3. Two 35-Character Description lines increased to one 80 Character Description line.
    4. Two 30-Characters Headlines + one 80 Characters Description line = 140 Character limit for the ad copies (Hello Twitter! Reading this?)
    5. Automatically extracted domain for accuracy, customizable URL path.

    More space in the content is the job for the content writers to insert the keywords naturally in the ad copies, bring the ads up in the search and attract customers with ad copies.

    How will this Benefit the Websites?

    Simple Logic: More text means more space to put keywords, which increases visibility. The early test reports generated confirm that the expanded text ads are generating 20% more CTR than the regular ads.

    As these ads are running in their test phase, Google hasn’t yet revealed the final roll out date for these ads. Prepare your Ad Campaigns for this change when it hits the market.

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