5 Steps to Deal With a Negative Review of a Mobile App Development

Negative reviews accompanied by a single-user rating of your app can significantly lower your placement in the search result and also lower down the on-page conversion. It is also true that there is no popular app without negative reviews. Mainly it happened with all the publishers at some point. If someone is not satisfied with your app, then they will express their dissatisfaction in your app reviews in the app store. If you build your mobile app with the help of a reliable mobile app development company,  then the chances of negative reviews become less. Now the main point is, how to deal with these negative reviews. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. Don’t Panic!!! Prepare your workflows:  It is natural to feel hurt and worried about the critical comment or offensive comment Even if you’re a seasoned app publisher with thousands of positive reviews for your app on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes App Store. It is human nature that anyone would be hurt by extreme criticism of their precious work.

Sometimes, these comments make you emotionally weak and cause you to respond hastily. Instead of these things, it is better to prepare workflow for dealing with negative comments. This workflow helps you respond in an effective way to every bad review receives by your app. For example, bad reviews caused by technical issues need to be escalated to the support team, while customer service issues (such as in-app purchases) should be forwarded to customer service.

2. Respond fast and reply more: The workflow discussed above make it easier to respond quickly to comments and reviews and also prepare templates for this. Please note that never copy and past other people replies that look artificial and boring on your page. Be sure to include a personal touch in a reply and use your brand voice and tone in this direct interaction with your customers. As the latest version of iOS Apple has joined Google in making it possible for app publishers and developers to reply to user reviews in the app store. This a significant want to interact with an app publisher with this facility. It is also an opportunity for iOS app publisher to improve app rating by resolving user issues. Moreover, also confirm that never miss any reply or comment. For this purpose, you can use notification services offered by app analytics platforms.  It is easy for the iOS development company to handle all the negative reviews in an effective and easy way.

3. Always appreciate the Effort: Writing an app review is the task that most of the users do not bother to do. For them, it is much easier to rate the app with 1 star and uninstall it.  The user who takes the time to type in their complaint on their tiny keyboard of the mobile those who are loyal customers.But only if you can respond to their negative review and resolve it.

4. Turn negative reviews into user feedback: As we know, people are busy these days. Therefore, they do not want to waste their precious time and they are in hurry to complain even a small server glitch can birth dozens of low ratings and negative reviews on your app page. Even loyal app users are less likely to take the time and when they are happy they write the positive review. With the careful use of an in-app ranking mechanism. This way you can avoid public negative reviews, and simply turn them into user feedback. The best mobile application development companies,  mainly focus on this feature too to avoid the negative reviews for an app.

5. Improve your product: Mainly bad reviews are like a wake-up call for app publishers and not only because of their impact on app ranking and downloads. Never ignore these negative reviews because information mentioned in the review is helpful to get know about the weakness of your app and to know about the need of the audience. Use this information to refine your overall product strategy from all aspects. Instead of glitches, the other main reason that software program may redesign is that you don’t focus on the main requirement well. Therefore, when you buy custom-made software, look at it from their viewpoint.  Moreover, ask your staffs to provide input. By looking at your software from the user’s perception, you will not have to pay to change the software program later on.

How to manage the negative reviews?

It is very important to know about the user review and feedback about the mobile app. The most important thing is to know about their experience to improve your app. The app review is a consumer feedback that allows you to evaluate the quality of what is being offered. Opinion about the application is important for the success of a business. If any feature pleasing the audience, it is worth to invest and give more prominence to it.

The best possible way to avoid these negative comments is to resolve the issues that have been reported. SO that you will not receive any complaints in the future.

In addition to it, offering high-quality service to your customer will avoid the negative criticisms. From the development of the mobile app to its basic programming and functions everything should be perfect. During app updates, always aware about the demand and the need of the audience to make their interest in your app for the longer time period, Enhancing reviews with available content consequently increases the number of downloads, once many people rely on reviews before downloading apps.


The main benefit to investing in App Store Optimization is that it contributes to an analysis of reviews tone as well as segmentation of what users report as errors or problems while addressing them. In the nutshell, we can say that every coin has two sides. Positive and negative reviews make you better acquainted with your product and engaged to provide a more satisfying user experience. Therefore, any sort of review is important for the mobile app development companies in India.

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