5 Marketing Metrics Startups Shouldn’t Ignore


    If marketing is the trunk of a tree, then various marketing campaigns are its branches and the leaves on those branches are the marketing metrics in each of the campaigns. It’s that complex. Well-settled businesses track all the marketing metrics whether they are using a marketing automation software or going for the manual marketing. Of course, they use multiple resources to accomplish all the marketing tasks successfully. Startups, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury. Limited resources make the startups do a little of everything. Today, we will share the marketing metrics that every startup must count in the measuring analytics.

    We understand that measuring every metrics with limited resources becomes a cumbersome task, that’s why have we have listed here top marketing metrics that are crucial even for startups.

    1. Leads Generated
    As much as it is fun to track the number of leads generated, it is crucial too. It helps you spot the marketing plans that are working in your favor and plans that are failing to perform. Track leads generated from SEO efforts, Social Media marketing efforts, email marketing campaign efforts and all other internet marketing efforts.

    2. Social Shares
    Social share count tells you how much your content is interesting. Interesting content has more tendency to get shared online. This increases brand value and visibility online. Your social media marketing is going well if people are engaging with your content on these channels. Half of the internet marketing battle is won if your social share count is good.

    3. Keyword Ranking
    Turning from the content present on your social media profiles to the content available for Search Engines to Track. Your website’s keyword ranking is based on the content on the website, keyword you are targeting, keyword density in the content and your Off-Page SEO efforts. Keyword ranking tells a lot. It gives you the idea of the content on your website. If the visitors are finding the content on your website satisfying and worth reading, your ranking will increase in search engines.

    4. Sales
    The most general success metrics startups focus on is sales as it is the ultimate goal of any marketing plan. The leads generated from various internet marketing efforts must be converted to customers and increase the sales. If your internet marketing material is good, the sales will come automatically. What matters the most is from which platform the sale was generated, what content offer was made and buyer persona of the customer. These marketing metrics will help in making marketing plans for the future.

    5. Bounce Rate
    People visiting on your website is not enough. What matters is how long they stayed on a particular page? If they have opened the URL, it could mean that your content is not up to the mark, or your page speed is slow which annoyed the user and he/she left early. If you fail to make the visitor stay on the page for long, your are unlikely to convert that visitor into the lead and there’s less chance that the same visitor comes back to your website. All your internet marketing methods will go waste if this happens.

    Measuring these marketing metrics will give you good insights of your marketing efforts when you have very limited resources.

    Take an expert’s advice at the early stage of your startup, before you end like most of the amateur startups end. Consult with RichestSoft’s Internet Marketing Experts to know how to track the best metrics that are a must for startups.

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