5 Logo Design Types to Choose from

    A logo has a different definition for each company. For some companies, a logo represents their brand value, for some companies, it’s the representation of their beliefs, for some, it’s how the company functions, and for the most companies it is the combination of functions, beliefs and brand value. Whatever type of logo you choose, it must stick to the business goals and vision. This makes logo designing a task that should not be taken lightly.

    A client is sometimes completely clueless while choosing a logo. He totally depends on the logo designer and the variants of the logo he provides. Well, here we are with the types of logos for you to choose from. All the logos fall under this category. This adds a filter in your choice making process your search more targeted.

    1. Iconic or Symbolic Logos
    The most widely used format of logo designing is the iconic or the symbolic form. It is simple, but a bold form of logo. A simple image is twisted/edited to create an own version of the logo. It literally could be anything. A logo designer creates different versions of the symbols/icons for the client.

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    2. Styled Text Logos
    Text styled logos are simply the name of the company or brand written in the stylized font. Unique typography is created, a new font is generated to design a text styled font. The audience is attracted the newly generated font, which is good for the branding. A logo designer plays with the font styles, calligraphy, and typography to bring out something completely new for the client.

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    3.Initial’s Mark
    If the Brand name or company name is a two words phrase, then generally the initials of the two words are chosen for the letter mark logo. Here also, the typography play an important role. A new font is sometimes generated to make the logo unique yet simple. A logo designer keeps the letters open or in a shape such as oval, circle, square or rectangle. This type of logo designs is also quite famous. The basic logo designing ends here. Now, let’s know about the combo logos.

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    4.Combination of Symbol and Text
    Combination Logos are different from Emblem logos. We will discuss the emblem logo in the next point. Combination logo contains a symbol/icon and text. The work and effort put in designing a symbolic logo and a text styles logo are required in designing the combination logo as it has to be the best from both the aspects. RichestSoft Logo designers know who work to make a combination logo and how to place symbol and text in an open space.

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    5.Emblem Styled Logo
    Emblem styled logo is also a combination logo with a little difference. In combination logo where the symbol and text are kept open, they are kept in an enclosed design or emblem. In the emblem, there can be…
    Symbol + Words’ initials
    Symbol + Styled Text
    Words’ Initials
    Styled Text
    Symbol / Icon

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    An experienced logo designer knows how to keep the proper ratio of text size and symbol size.

    Once the design is finalized, then comes the stage of choosing color combinations to represent your company – THE BRAND COLOR as it is called.

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