5 Advanced SEO Strategies to Maintain Website at Top Rank

According to online analysts, the percentage of website traffic highly depends on the website ranking on search engine. This is the reason why search engine optimization is important for any website to ensure its best performance. SEO services strategies never stay the same; they change with the new development in technologies. You need to update the website with changing trends of SEO strategies. Here is the list of some advanced SEO strategies of top SEO company in India to acknowledge you that what should be new in your website.

1. No limitation On Presence

  • These days people use internet for every decision making. They not only buy the services and products online but evaluate quality before taking any decision. So having a website is not enough as it will not help you in expanding the business. Also, people will not have any awareness for your brand.
  • So you need to remove the limitation from your website by presenting it with social media means for brand awareness.
  • Your brand should be there on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram as these means are well connected with the audience.
  • People start sharing your services on all these social media platforms and make you the industry leader.

2. Do not ignore mobile Audience

  • In the recent years with the support of Twitter, Google, WordPress, and all other publishers several AMP projects have been launched for the fast loading mobile web pages to maintain the importance of mobile.
  • If looking for the user point of view, the desktop is the secondary touch point for internet users. 65% of internet users use mobile devices for digital media time.
  • Mobile is the dominant platform for internet traffic, so it shouldn’t be ignored while opting new SEO strategies. Content display with other features should be clear on mobile to entertain the audience properly.

3. Image Optimization
Page speed is the most important aspect for page ranking of your website. The large image can be the reason of poor loading that can be harmful to website ranking. So image optimization is the essential part of SEO services of SEO company in India.

Here are some best ways to optimize the image efficiently

  • Alt text and Title text
  • Keep the file size as low as possible
  • Use the right file name
  • Keep PNG format

4. Landing Page Optimization

According to the SEO services, analysis landing page increases the conversions and help in qualifying the leads. This leads to increase the sales, and you get incredible conversion rate.
Landing page optimization services should have below given features:

Images should be meaningful that reflects the appropriate call to action.

Answer to WIFM for customer

Keep the template design clean and clear

Customer testimonials increases trust

Use of meta tags and relevant keywords.

5. Recognize your competitors’ SEO Strategies
Focusing merely on the keywords and following same strategies for long times is not the right approach.

You also need to keep evaluating the competitors’ strategies for comparing effects and be in the competition. Do not use the irrelevant keywords.

Other relevant factors that help in page ranking are:

• Relevance
• Backlinks

You will get different strategies every year for SEO of your website. These are designed with smarter and efficient features to make the online business stay on the right track.

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