4 Quick Writing Tips with Examples to Rocket Boost Your Content Marketing Plan


    Yes,Content is the King‘ in online marketing, and you got to dress up this king so it looks like an Emperor. And, it’s not a regular walk in the park. However, knowing

    What to Write, When to Write, How to Write, Where to share

    Can ease the things, increase your traffic and ROI

    1. Consistency & Persistency
    Write daily and write quality content. If not possible daily, then write at least 5 posts a week. You can skip weekends. But never compromise with the quality. Your blog is great only if readers find it great and readers find only quality content great. Don’t leave consistency and persistency in content writing.

    Ever thought why, whenever you search something, Wikipedia Page shows up at the top? It’s because it has a lot of pages and with content written almost on every topic. You can focus on one topic but consistent writing is the thing to carry in your bag. There’s no substitute to Regular Writing.

    2. Your Content’s USP
    What’s your blog’s USP? As the name suggests, Unique Selling Proposition, what is there in your blog that makes it unique from other blogs? What is the selling point of your content. If you haven’t found that yet, then start looking and implement that in your content writing strategy.

    If you are a food blogger, then food health tips and recipes are your blog’s USP. If you are a tech blogger, then gadget reviews, ratings, and if you are an automobile blogger then car reviews, car maintenance tips are your USP.

    3. Go by the Calendar
    This is very important. You have decided on what topic to write content on regularly. Now, focus on the calendar dates and publish content based on the specific day or festival or celebration because in those days searches of some particular keywords will be very high.oing by the latest trends is basic in online marketing.

    Food bloggers: Give Christmas recipe tips near Christmas. Give Halloween recipes near Halloween and so on.
    Tech Bloggers: Keep an eye on the latest products launched or any upgrade. Note the dates of any tech fests. If any website is giving offers on a device that you have reviewed then pitch the content linking that website.
    Movie Blogger: If you are a movie blogger then keep the releasing dates of the movie along with the birthdays of the stars featured in the movie. Highlight that info in your blog.

    4. Share, Don’t Sell!
    Writing content for a business website? Then share the product or service related information, don’t just pitch sales focused content. People love to be informed. Give them that, and you have their trust! A content piece on straight selling purpose is bad for online marketing.

    Steel Pipes Business: Inform your readers about the benefits of steel pipes, tell them Maintenance tips and checkout the news related to your industry. Write content based on the latest news story.
    IT Services: There’s no end of information in this niche, share as much as you can.

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